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  • Cuba warns Title III of Helms-Burton would violate international law and trade norms12:54 PM

    In an exclusive interview with Radio Havana Cuba, Director for the United States at the Cuban Foreign Ministry Carlos Fernández de Cossío warned that implementing Title III of the Helms-Burton would be a brutal abuse of international law and customary norms in terms of trade and relationship between countries.

  • Bolivian ambassador: division among regional countries only serves the imperialist, hegemonic interests of the United States12:50 PM

    Roberto Bastidas talks with Bolivia’s ambassador to Cuba about the current situation in our region.

  • Foreign minister: protecting the interests, well-being and personal integrity of Cubans will continue to be priorities of our country’s foreign policy12:50 PM

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez addressed the issue of Cubans living abroad and the referendum process on Cuba's new constitution.

  • Gerardo Hernández: the February referendum will be a thermometer to determine how many Cubans support the Revolution12:49 PM

    Roberto Bastidas talks with one of the Cuban Five, Gerardo Hernandez, who is currently serving as the Deputy Director of the Institute of International Relations of Cuba. Gerardo talks about the importance of the upcoming referendum on Cuba’s new Constitution, which will be voted on February 24th.

  • Washington's infamous record of twisting the truth to achieve its aims12:42 PM

    Natalie Howard has a report on new information regarding the so-called sonic attacks, alleged by the U.S. government on its embassy personnel here in Havana.

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  • Celia Sánchez, a fearless revolutionary12:36 PM

    Celia Sanchez, a great heroine of the Cuban Revolution, died on this date, January 11th, in 1980 – 39 years ago. Up next, Natalie Howard tells us more about the life and work of this great Cuban revolutionary woman.

  • Cuban foreign minister warns about the interest of U.S. power groups in undermining bilateral relations12:32 PM

    Up next, we bring details of the appearance on Monday evening's Mesa Redonda of Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. The top Cuban diplomat addressed a number of issues, including Cuba's foreign policy in 2018 and projections for the New Year, 2019.

  • Cuba marks 60th anniversary of Fidel's arrival in Havana12:31 PM

    On January 8th 1959, the Freedom Caravan entered Havana, the Cuban capital. The caravan, with victorious rebel fighters of the July 26th Movement riding atop tanks and vehicles, travelled from east to west, from Santiago de Cuba to Havana. They travelled more than 1,000 kilometers, stopping in cities and towns along the way. They were greeted by tens of thousands, lining the central highway that took them on their triumphant journey. On January 8th, Fidel and the Caravan arrived at the Columbia military base, from where he delivered a speech. Today, as a special tribute to the 60th anniversary of this historic entry into Havana by the Freedom Caravan, we now bring you excerpts of the speech by the Comandante en Jefe of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.

  • Cuban Revolutionary Hero Jose Ramon Fernandez Dies in Havana aged 9512:31 PM

    Jose Ramon Fernandez, a Hero of the Republic of Cuba and a Division General of the Army, died on Sunday at the age of 95.

  • Fidel Castro: Cuban doctors are much more than health professionals, they are guardians of people's wellbeing04/01/19

    Providing health care to all Cubans has been a policy of our government since the early days of the Cuban Revolution, which was victorious 60 years ago. Up next, we take a look at Cuba's incredible health care achievements over the years.

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  • Raul Castro blasts Trump administration for returning to outdated path of confrontation with Cuba and Latin America04/01/19

    Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, delivered the main address to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution, on January 1st, 1959. Up next, Radio Havana Cuba brings you important excerpts of Raul's speech at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetry in Santiago de Cuba.

  • Cuba's tourism sector in 2018 (year-end summary)29/12/18

    By Gerwyn Jones

  • Miguel Díaz-Canel: The new Magna Carta ratifies the socialist path of our Revolution 26/12/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel addressed deputies at the National Assembly of People's Power last week here in Havana. Up next, we bring excerpts of the Cuban leader's closing speech at the historic parliamentary session.

  • Homero Acosta: the vast majority of Cubans support the Constitutional reform process and our political system22/12/18

    Up next, we bring excerpts of the remarks before the National Assembly of People's Power by deputy Homero Acosta, secretary of the Cuban Council of State and a member of the commission in charge of writing Cuba's new Magna Carta. Homero Acosta reported on the public consultation process, held between August and November, and the changes introduced to the draft Constitution based on the views and opinions expressed by the millions of Cubans who participated in the public meetings.

  • Cuban health minister: we will never give up offering our cooperation to peoples that need our assistance19/12/18

    Up next, we bring a report on the More Doctors program in Brazil, and what Cuba's health minister had to say about the island's decision to no longer participate in the program.

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  • Havana becomes the capital of regional integration once again 14/12/18

    Reporter Roberto Bastidas brings a report on the 16th Summit of heads of state and government of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Peoples' Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), taking place Friday in Havana.

  • U.S. scholar: regarding the health incidents, Cuba has acted in an honorable, legal manner, whereas the United States has not13/12/18

    Cuban and foreign experts are meeting here in Havana, analyzing the state of U.S.-Cuba relations in the framework of the 17th in a series of conferences entitled 'Cuba in the Foreign Policy of the United States'.

  • Cuba presents business opportunities in oil and energy sector 07/12/18

    The 2nd Cuba Energy, Oil and Gas Conference concluded sessions Thursday in Havana. The three-day event focused on reviewing prospects for oil and gas drilling and extraction on the Caribbean island.

  • Havana hosts conference on climate change vulnerability and resilience in the Caribbean05/12/18

    Radio Havana Cuba’s Natalie Howard talks with the Coordinator for the Association of Caribbean States Caribbean Sea Commission Alexander Girvan. Alexander was invited to present at a workshop focusing on climate change finance for mitigation and adaptation.

  • Cuban academic says wealthy countries violate human rights05/12/18

    Radio Havana Cuba's Roberto Batidas talks with Layla Carillo, a researcher with the Center for International Policies here in Havana.

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  • Cuba: Celebrating Human Rights Day in a human-centered society 05/12/18

    Radio Havana Cuba's Roberto Bastidas brings us an interview with FEMIN QUINONES, the president of the Cuban Association of the United Nations. They talk about the significance of HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, celebrated every December 10th.

  • Haitian visitor: Cuban doctors can be found in the most remote regions of Haiti05/12/18

    From Haiti, where Cuban doctors have been serving for many years, two Haitian visitors dropped by our studios here and spoke with our own Gerwyn Jones.

  • Dr. Concepción Campa Huergo: Fidel Castro was a teacher in many ways04/12/18

    Today, we mark the 2nd anniversary of the laying to rest of Fidel Castro's remains in the Santa Efigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba. Up next, we bring you the remarks of a renowned Cuban scientist who talks about the legacy of Fidel for researchers and scientists in Cuba and around the world.

  • Dilma: Bolsonaro is already causing big problems to Brazil's health care system04/12/18

    Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff had words of praise for Cuban doctors who worked in her country under the More Doctors program.

  • The US State Department uses the granting of visas to affect diplomatic relations with Cuba30/11/18

    Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba. November 28, 2018.

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  • Cuba blasts Washington's latest maneuver against Nicaragua30/11/18

    In statements to the press here in Havana, Cuban deputy foreign minister Rogelio Sierra confirmed Cuba’s support for Nicaragua and against what he called the latest package of U.S. sanctions against the Central American nation.

  • Bolsonaro doesn't know Cuba-trained doctors 28/11/18

    On October 28th, renowned Chilean-Mexican political analyst Darío Salinas Figueredo told a fellow reporter here at Radio Havana Cuba: “with the electoral victory of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilians are putting the hastily tied rope around their own neck.”

  • José Martí: 1871 murder of eight Cuban medical students is the enduring emblem of the worst of colonialism 27/11/18

    November 27th, 2018 marks the 147th anniversary of the assassination of eight Cuban medical students, falsely accused of committing crimes during the period of Spanish colonial rule.

  • Spain returns Antonio Maceo's military campaign chair to Cuba26/11/18

    On the last day of the Spanish prime minister's recent visit to Cuba, during a symbolic ceremony that was attended by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez handed over to the City Museum of Havana a rustic wooden chair that had been kept in Spain since 1896 and which had belonged to Cuba's independence war hero General Antonio Maceo.

  • Fidel Castro: Revolution is being treated and treating others like human beings23/11/18

    Concept of Revolution according to Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

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  • Pastors for Peace Caravan pays tribute to Fidel Castro at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery23/11/18

    Radio Havana Cuba spoke with Gail Walker, the daughter of U.S. Reverend, the late Lucius Walker, founder of Pastros for Peace. The caravan is in eastern Cuba, where they are fulfilling a broad program of activities.

  • Cuba and its commitment to bringing health care for all to any corner of the planet23/11/18

    Statements by Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel, as he received the first group of returning doctors from Brazil at Havana's airport early Friday morning.

  • Cuban doctor: Bolsonaro attacks us, when all we've done in Brazil is save lives20/11/18

    Cuban doctors and health professionals are working in many countries around the world, providing medical care to people in many impoverished and remote regions.

  • Puerto Rican activist: Thanks to Cuba, Puerto Rico has had a presence at the United Nations19/11/18

    Radio Havana Cuba's Roberto Bastidas from our Spanish-language service, talks with Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Roy Brown, who talks about the situation in Puerto Rico and the legacy of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

  • Excerpts of the address by foreign minister Bruno Rodríguez at 26th Ibero-American Summit 17/11/18

    In his address, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said the Cuban health professionals are the victims of political manipulation by Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

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  • Fidel's legacy is of paramount importance for Cuba's foreign policy and international relations amongst States16/11/18

    Journalist Roberto Bastidas speak with Santiago Pérez, deputy director of the Havana-based Studies Center on International Politics, about a campaign on social media, organized by ICAP in homage to Fidel Castro and his legacy.

  • Statement by the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba16/11/18

    The Cuban Ministry of Public Health issued a statement on Wednesday morning, announcing that due to the unacceptable conditions placed on its doctors and medical personnel in Brazil, Cuba has decided to end its participation in the More Doctors Program in that country.

  • First group of doctors withdrawn from Brazil arrives in Havana15/11/18

    The first group of Cuban doctors, who returned home from Brazil after Wednesday's announcement by the Cuban health ministry that the Caribbean state would withdraw from the 'More Doctors for Brazil' Program, arrived at Havana's José Martí airport early on Thursday.

  • Faced with unacceptable conditions, Cuba decides to withdraw from Brazilian health care program 14/11/18

    The Cuban Ministry of Public Health issued a statement on Wednesday morning, announcing that due to the unacceptable conditions placed on its doctors and medical personnel in Brazil, the Cuban government has decided to withdraw from the More Doctors Program in that country.

  • Eusebio Leal: "We cannot reach the future, but from the past"13/11/18

    Next year, 2019, we'll be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the capital of Cuba -- Havana! Celebrations have already begun in one form or another and there are big plans for next year.

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  • U.S. business people advocate increased trade with Cuba09/11/18

    The representatives of U.S. agribusiness, the farming lobby and related industries, who are participating here in Havana in the U.S.-Cuba Agricultural Business Conference, offered a press conference Thursday at Havana's Hotel Nacional.

  • Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel meets with Xi Jinping in Beijing 08/11/18

    The Presidents of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel and China's Xi Jinping held an official meeting Thursday at the Great Hall of People in Beijing.

  • Cuba-US Agricultural Conference begins in Havana 08/11/18

    The Cuba-U.S. Agriculture Business Conference is underway for a three-day meeting. The forum is organized by a coalition created in 2015 to promote bilateral ties in the sector, despite the adverse scenario that the U.S. blockade represents.

  • Expert in U.S. affairs: U.S. Congress does not work along party lines, but along ideological lines07/11/18

    Midterm elections were held on Tuesday in the United States and the results are now coming in. Today we talk with a well-known Cuban analyst and expert on U.S. affairs, Esteban Morales.

  • Brazilian analyst says Jair Bolsonaro represents a big setback in Brazil-Cuba relations06/11/18

    Brazil's president-elect, Jair Balsonaro, won't be taking office until January 1st next year... but his incoming administration is already making the headlines in Latin America and throughout the world.

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  • President Miguel Diaz-Canel hails Cuba's victory at the UN 02/11/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is in Russia on a three-day official visit, described the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution on Thursday, calling for removal of the U.S. blockade, as a "resounding victory."

  • Sad day for U.S. diplomacy: the world sides with Cuba against U.S. blockade01/11/18

    The annual UN resolution condemning the U.S. blockade against Cuba was passed overwhelmingly by a vote of 189 to 2.

  • Bruno Rodríguez: Washington is trying to change the essence of the UN resolution that condemns the blockade on Cuba 31/10/18

    Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodríguez is in New York to participate in the UN General Assembly debate and vote on a Cuban-sponsored resolution urging the lifting of Washington's nearly 60 years-old blockade policy against the Caribbean state.

  • At UN, international community comes out against U.S. Blockade of Cuba31/10/18

    At the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, a number of countries rose to speak in favor of Cuba's annual resolution to end Washington’s criminal blockade against Cuba. Radio Havana Cuba's Jorge Miyares is up next with the details.

  • Despite Washington's blockade, U.S. and Cuban scientists develop strong partnership to help cancer patients31/10/18

    In the face of the U.S. blockade of Cuba, a current pharmaceutical joint venture between BioCubafarma and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in the United States is a clear example of what could be possible between the two countries were it not for US intransigence in maintaining the criminal blockade against our country. Juan Jacomino now brings us an exciting interview with Doug Plessinger, an executive with the Innovative Immunotherapy Alliance.

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  • Fihav 2018: U.S. entrepreneurs interested in Cuban cancer drugs30/10/18

    The Havana Trade Fair is well underway here in the Cuban capital -- a major event in the trade and investment sectors in Cuba.

  • International Ballet Festival opens in Havana with inaugural words by President Miguel Diaz-Canel 29/10/18

    The National Ballet of Cuba marked this Sunday, October 28, its 70th anniversary coinciding with two auspicious events: the beginning of the 26th Havana International Ballet Festival, and the celebrations on the 75 years of Alicia Alonso's debut in the role of Gisselle, a masterpiece in the history of classic dance.

  • U.S. activists demand #NoMasBloqueo! against Cuba26/10/18

    Reporter Ed Newman speaks on the phone with Gloria La Riva, a long-time Cuba solidarity activist in the United States, on solidarity activists in the U.S. around the debate and voting at the UN General Assembly next October 31 on a Cuban-sponsored resolution, urging the lifting of Washington's blockade policy against the Caribbean state.

  • Bruno Rodríguez: Washington's latest maneuver seeks to justify a blockade policy that punishes an entire people25/10/18

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez has denounced a new diplomatic maneuver by the U.S. government at the United Nations to try to justify its nearly six decades-old blockade policy against Cuba.

  • Sánchez Cerén: Cuba's cooperation has been pivotal in advancing development programs in El Salvador25/10/18

    The president of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, is currently in Cuba paying an official visit.

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  • Puerto Rican: I've come to Cuba to refresh my energy25/10/18

    Up next, Radio Havana Cuba's Juan Jacomino talks with Richard Lopez, the vice president of the board of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party in New York. Richard visited us here at Radio Havana and Jaco was able to talk with him in our studios.

  • Cuban scholar: The blockade is a whole system of laws, regulations and restrictions passed by the US government22/10/18

    Next week, on Wed, October 31st, for the 27th consecutive time since 1992, the UN General Assembly will vote on the Cuban resolution to put an end to the criminal U.S. blockade of the island. Up next, Juan Jacomino has the comments of an expert on U.S. relations with Cuba, a professor at the University of Havana, who talks about some of the dimensions of Washington's blockade of Cuba.

  • MarCuba 2018: time to turn the tide and change direction towards protecting the oceans19/10/18

    Up next, let's listen to a U.S. oceanographer, Ericka Delmar, who is here in Havana attending an international conference on marine sciences. She spoke with Radio Havana Cuba's Lorenzo Oquendo.

  • Havana gears up to host Cuba's main trade event19/10/18

    The Cuban capital is getting ready for its big, annual trade fair FIHAV 2018.

  • Homero Acosta: The Cuban Communist Party must abide by the Constitution and uphold it18/10/18

    The public discussions on the draft of our new constitution continue across the island. Up next, we take a look at comments about the ongoing debates by the Secretary of the Cuban Council of State, Homero Acosta, who spoke at the inauguration of an international lawyers congress in the Cuban capital.

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  • Cuba categorically rejects slander campaign orchestrated by the U.S. at the United Nations18/10/18

    The US tried this Tuesday to use the hall of the United Nations' Economic and Social Council, the ECOSOC, to attack Cuba, this in contravention of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. The Cuban Foreign Ministry and also the Cuban permanent mission to the UN were quick to react to this provocation.

  • Fidel Castro: Our enemies' hatred grows as our Revolution strengthens12/10/18

    In delivering the main speech at the rally on October 10th, marking the 150th anniversary of the beginning of Cuba's independence wars, president Miguel Díaz-Canel referred to not one, but three speeches by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, in which he spoke extensively about the historic date and our country's history.

  • Cuba: The Revolution that began 150 years ago lives on today10/10/18

    The historic La Demajagua Sugar Mill, in Manzanillo, eastern Cuba, was the venue this Wednesday of a event marking the 150th anniversary of the beginning of Cuba's wars for national liberation and independence. We bring excerpts of the remarks by Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel at the rally.

  • Hurricane Michael brings floods, surges, destruction to western Cuba09/10/18

    Hurricane Michael was a Category 1 storm when it hit westernmost Cuba, including Pinar del Rio and the Isla de la Juventud. Up next, Radio Havana Cuba's Juan Jacomino takes a look at the damage now that Michael is moving away from Cuba.

  • Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: an example for millions of men and women around the world08/10/18

    October 8th is another anniversary of the assassination of Ernesto Che Guevara. This anniversary marks 51 years since the Argentinian born revolutionary fighter was killed in Bolivia.

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  • October 6 and the long history of U.S.-sponsored terrorism against Cuba06/10/18

    By: Juan Jacomino and Lena Valverde

  • Workers at Radio Havana Cuba debate draft Cuban Constitution06/10/18

    Journalists Ed Newman and Juan Jacomino bring highlights of the debate at our station on the draft of a new Cuban Magna Carta.

  • U.S. tour operator: my commitment to bringing people here is stronger than ever02/10/18

    Up next, we bring details of a visit here by a group of U.S. tour operators, who came to explore Cuba's tourist sites.

  • Nestor García: Cuba has a new president, but our country's positions and principles remain the same 01/10/18

    Up next, Juan Jacomino talks with Nestor Garcia, a former Cuban diplomat who served our country for more than a decade at the United Nations. In this interview, Jaco talks with him about the visit to New York by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and the many activities the Cuban leader carried out at the UN last week.

  • Reactions to president Miguel Díaz-Canel's first visit to the United States28/09/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has had a busy schedule in New York, where he attended the United Nations General Assembly session this week. Up next, we bring some reactions to this important visit to the United States by the Cuban president.

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  • Díaz-Canel: Cuba is indebted to solidarity activists in the U.S. and around the world 28/09/18

    Up next, we bring part two of a two-part series with remarks by Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel to the more than 2000 people gathered for a rally in solidarity with Cuba at the Riverside Church in New York City.

  • Díaz-Canel: Cuba comes to the UN to promote cooperation and solidarity as opposed to threats and competition28/09/18

    Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel attended a rally in solidarity with Cuba at the Riverside Church in New York city. Up next, we bring part one of a two-part series with his remarks to the more than 2000 people gathered there.

  • Evo Morales: Bolivia categorically rejects the illegal, inhumane and criminal U.S. blockade against Cuba28/09/18

    We bring excerpts of the speeches delivered by some Latin American presidents at the high-level General Debate of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

  • Díaz-Canel: Today's Cuba will stand firm, true to its principles28/09/18

    We now bring excerpts of the address by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Wednesday on behalf of Cuba at the UN General Assembly.

  • Ghanaian foreign minister praises relations with Cuba and the Caribbean19/09/18

    The foreign minister of Ghana has wrapped up an official visit to Cuba, during which she held talks with Cuban authorities and signed an important agreement for regular diplomatic consultations between both countries' foreign ministries.

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  • U.S. Scholar: Washington's policy towards Cuba throughout history has been a mistake18/09/18

    Up next, we bring statements by a U.S. expert on security and intelligence, talking about Washington's blockade against Cuba.

  • ICAP marks 20th anniversary of Cuban Five's incarceration in the U.S.13/09/18

    September 12, 1998 – 20 years ago – the Cuban Five were arrested in Miami, beginning their long ordeal in U.S. prisons.

  • Havana hosts international conference on the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean12/09/18

    We report on a major international conference here in Havana on the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • UNESCO: Cuba is an example to the world in education07/09/18

    September 8th is the international Day of Literacy, established by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. With more on the celebration of this day here in Cuba is Juan Jacomino.

  • Cuban nationals abroad have their say in writing the country's new Magna Carta06/09/18

    In statements to Radio Havana Cuba, Ernesto Soberón, Director for Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad of the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX), offered details about how Cubans residing abroad can participate actively in the current process to reform our country's Magna Carta.

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  • PAHO/WHO: promoting traditional, complementary and integrative medicine05/09/18

    Now we will hear from Susana de Calvo of RHC’s Spanish Language Department speaking with Dr. Anna Coates, the head of the office for equity, gender and cultural diversity with PAHO/WHO.

  • Díaz-Canel: the inauguration of a new school year in Cuba is a happy event04/09/18

    We bring excerpts of the statements by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel during a tour of Old Havana, where he attended the official ceremony for the inauguration of the school year 2018-2019 in Cuba.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup12:54 PM

    The Cinematheque of Cuba got underway on the 16th with a varied program in tribute to the legendary English band The Beatles.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup12:41 PM

    With a concert by Guanabacoan contrabassist Gastón Joya, in the Covarrubias hall of the National Theater, the 34th Jazz Plaza 2019 International Festival is underway.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup26/12/18

    Today I’ll be bringing you a special program on the famous Cuban writer and musicologist Alejo Carpentier. The piece is a RHC English language translation of an article that previously appeared in Spanish by Graziella Pogolotti.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup19/12/18

    Cuban painter, sculptor, photographer, ceramist, graphic designer and autodidact writer, Jesus Lara Sotelo is presenting on Wednesday in Havana the poetry book Alice and the election of the faith, inspired by the legendary dancer Alicia Alonso, who on December 21 will turn 98 years old.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup14/12/18

    What is probably one of the oldest of Cuba's traditional festivals -the Charangas of Bejucal- takes place at the end of every year in the small provincial town of Bejucal south of Havana. It involves a performance from Los Tambores de Bejucal, a typical Cuban percussion band of considerable international prestige, and festivities formed by a traditional rivalry between two conga groups.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup07/12/18

    As part of the increasingly growing cultural exchange between Cuba and the Plurinational State of Bolivia, these days a famous Cuba duo is on tour in that country. That duo is Buena Fe duo, a leading group in Cuban national pop with its contagious musical arrangements and lyrics that go deeply into human spirituality.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup05/12/18

    The XXII International Handicraft Fair FIART 2018 will have its headquarters, for the third time in its history, the San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress, where it will take place from the 6th. until the 21st. December.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup04/12/18

    Van Van is still very healthy, says Samuel Formell, director of the great Cuban popular orchestra Los Van Van - founded by his father Juan Formell on December 4, 1969.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup30/11/18

    In Havana where the neighborhoods of Centro Habana, Cerro and Old Havana or Habana Vieja converge, an important structure is regaining its original unsurpassed vitality --Havana’s Unique market or El Mercado Único de La Habana - popularly known as Four Ways or Cuatro Caminos.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup29/11/18

    Next Monday, December 3 at 3 in the afternoon, the poets Antón Arrufat, Roberto Méndez, Nancy Morejón and Enrique Saínz will stage a Round Table dedicated to the recently deceased poet Carilda Oliver Labra.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup26/11/18

    Cuban artist Gustavo Pérez Monzón returns from a 40-year hiatus from making art with an exhibition of new work at Richard Saltoun Gallery.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup20/11/18

    Now well into the 21st century, Havana, the Cuban capital, has become a city where history and the present produce an aura of magical realism. With Havana's 500th anniversary just around the corner, November 16, 2019, the Provincial Administrative Council has made plans to contribute to the city's social and economic development, to the knowledge of its history, and to increasing its residents' sense of ownership.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup19/11/18

    Transcending time and being considered one of the essential geniuses of world chess: this is the legacy of the Cuban José Raúl Capablanca, the only Latin American who has held the absolute crown of the game.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup16/11/18

    Havana, the seventh village created by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba, eventually the capital city of the archipelago, is engaged in a program of remodeling and rehabilitation of sites that define its identity.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup15/11/18

    On Tuesday (Nov. 13), the Latin Recording Academy introduced the particular lifetime achievement and trustees awards on the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas as part of the 19th Annual Latin Grammy week.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup14/11/18

    Today we’ll be bringing you an interview with Puerto Rican musicians Roy Brown and Pepe Sanchez.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup08/11/18

    The twenty-first edition of the JoJazz 2018, the International Young Jazz Competition will be sataging the best of the young talent that exists today in Cuba, this according to the president of the organizing committee, Víctor Rodríguez.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup06/11/18

    175 years after the largest slave uprising in the nineteenth century in Cuba, its leader, Carlota, is now seen as a woman precursor of social revolutions for freedom, this according to Damarys González Benítez researcher of the museum located in the former sugar mill of Triunvirato near Limonar in Matanzas province.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup02/11/18

    Cuban singer Omara Portuondo is in the Dominican Republic to participate in the DR Jazz Festival in Cabarete, in the province of Puerto Plata, in the north of the country. The Cuban Diva will participate in the prestigious festival, which began last August 25 in Punta Cana, La Altagracia province.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup29/10/18

    The night of October 28, 1948, in the former Auditorium Theater, currently the Amadeo Roldán Theatre, a group composed initially by artists of various nationalities gave a first performance. Media of the time recognized the event as the launch of the Alicia Alonso Ballet, a name that took advantage of the international prestige of the already famous Cuban dancer.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup26/10/18

    The 26th International Ballet Festival of Havana, October 28 to November 6, includes a special program this year to “honor the past, celebrate the present, and reflect on the future.”

  • RHC's Arts Roundup22/10/18

    The 26th International Ballet Festival of Havana, October 28 to November 6, includes a special program this year to “honor the past, celebrate the present, and reflect on the future.”

  • RHC's Arts Roundup18/10/18

    Legendary Cuban jam sessions originally released over a span of almost a decade from 1956 to 1965 by Cuba's first independent record label Panart have been reissued in Cuba in their entirety and in the original format.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup09/10/18

    The National Anthem of Cuba accompanied and encouraged the independent revolutionaries who after the seizure of Bayamo transformed longings and dreams into actions, and with the proclamation of independence and the abolition of slavery, started the years of struggle on which the Cuban people established their identity and forged their nation.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup08/10/18

    The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba has announced its next regular presentation on Sunday morning, with a special concert dedicated to the day of Cuban culture that includes a varied program with works by Cuban composers López Gavilán, Roig and Caturla, and the Russian Prokofiev, with the participation of the young pianist Rodrigo García, under the baton of the principal conductor of the orchestra, the maestro Enrique Pérez Mesa.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup02/10/18

    The Cubans Miguel Barnet and Eliades Ochoa were awarded the Latin Awards Canada in recognition of their meritorious careers and contributions to cultural development and music in the Greater Island of the Antilles.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup28/09/18

    Next Wednesday, October 3, at 4:00 p.m., the SOMOS catalog of Cuban photographer Roberto Chile will be presented at the Dulce María Loynaz Cultural Center, located on Calle 19, on the corner of E, in the Havana district of Vedado.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup19/09/18

    Punto Cubano is a poetic form of popular music originating from the island's rural communities. It is so called because the guitars are plucked, or punteado, not strummed. In Havana, October 12-14, the city hosts the final of a nationwide Competition dedicated to this genre, recently declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup18/09/18

    Dozens of interpreters from different generations gather every so often in Chile to recreate Victor Jara's compositions. They will meet in Santiago de Chile next Saturday 22 September.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup13/09/18

    Paying homage to the 90th anniversary of his birth, an exhibition of Alberto Korda's photographs opens on September 14 at the Fototeca de Cuba, located on Plaza Vieja in Old Havana.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup12/09/18

    Mercaderes is one of the oldest and most frequented streets in Old Havana. You can easily walk its four blocks, starting at Tacón Street near the Cathedral of Havana and ends at the historic Plaza Vieja. It is one of the best preserved streets of the historical core of the capital of Cuba. Narrow, cobbled and pedestrian with its immense doors of precious woods, its canopies and its old lamps.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup07/09/18

    Maestro Leo Brouwer, one of the essential names in the field of academic music, has been appointed Cultural Ambassador of the Latin Music Institute, founded in Mexico City in 1921.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup05/09/18

    Monday morning, the Cuban group Buena Fe performed, as they do every year, to the students of the Technological University of Havana Jose Antonio Echeverria, in the context of the beginning of the new academic period in Cuba. Buena Fe will perform again next Friday night, at the emblematic Havana´s seafront, the Malecon. The invitation is for all university students and followers in general to go directly from the classroom to the concert on September 7.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup04/09/18

    Renown Cuban pianist Jesus Chucho Valdes has been included in the 2018 class of lifetime achievement awards by the Latin Recording Academy.

  • The British government erupts in flames12:53 PM

    Although she just survived a non confidence vote in Parliament, British Prime Minister Theresa May is still sitting on a powder keg after the House of Commons rejected by a huge majority the agreement she had negotiated with the European Union to seal the withdrawal of Britain from that regional block.

  • CEPAL: extreme poverty grows in Latin America and the Caribbean12:49 PM

    Poverty levels continue showing a relative stability in Latin America and the Caribbean, but there was an increase in extreme poverty, and show one of the worst results in almost one decade, according to figures just released in Santiago de Chile by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, known by its acronym of CEPAL, just released in Santiago de Chile.

  • Colombia: the peace that does not arrive!12:48 PM

    The Colombian State has committed treason against peace, declared Ivan Marquez, leader of the former guerrilla group Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces-Peoples Army, who listed the main violations of the peace accord that was negotiated for several years in Havana and finally signed in Bogota, the Colombian capital.

  • Trumpt will face his own demons this coming February12:41 PM

    Long indeed will be the coming days for President Donald Trump from now until February seventh, as his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen will testify before Congress, opportunity in which he has promised to reveal a list of all dirty tricks he made on behalf of his former boss.

  • Yellow vests keep up the pressure on French president 12:30 PM

    The first days of the New Year did not bring any relief to the pressure that the Yellow Vests movement maintains on French President Emmanuel Macron, who has not been able to appease the anger of the demonstrators despite some concessions regarded by the protesters as wholly insufficient.

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  • Unaccompanied minors, a common feature of today's migration trends04/01/19

    Human migration is as old as Humankind itself, but a new ingredient, tragic indeed, has been added to this trend with the sharp increase of unaccompanied children who seek a new future for themselves.

  • Partial paralysis of the US government continues26/12/18

    The pulse between President Donald Trump and the Democratic caucus at the US Congress over the funds for the construction of the controversial wall on the border with Mexico has partially paralyzed the US Government for several days.

  • A pact in the right direction22/12/18

    The Government of Mexico and those of the so-called Central American Northern Triangle, that is, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, signed an agreement to make a strong investment that would generate development and opportunities, as a measure to attack the root causes of irregular migration, which is none other than poverty.

  • France: a citizen explosion19/12/18

    The last month and a half of 2018 will be remembered as a nightmare by the French government, led by President Emmanuel Macron, due to the rebellion of the so-called "yellow vests" that put his back against the wall and forced him to back down in several neoliberal programs.

  • The bigger they are the harder they fall!14/12/18

    They say that THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL and bump on the ground. Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, must be sadly reflecting on that old saying after being sentenced to three years in prison for, in addition to other crimes of his own, concealing dishonest acts of his employer.

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  • Ireland, a stone in the brexit shoe07/12/18

    With only a few days left before the crucial vote in the British Parliament on the separation agreement with the European Union, scheduled for December 11, Prime Minister Theresa May faces new obstacles, one of them linked to the complex situation involving Ireland.

  • Western Sahara, defrost in the desert?05/12/18

    From this Wednesday, the Swiss city of Geneva is the seat of a new attempt to unfreeze negotiations on the self-determination and sovereignty of the people of Western Sahara, one of the 17 territories in the world under the supervision of the UN Decolonization Committee.

  • Crisis in death markets?20/11/18

    Various media point out that the powerful National Rifle Association, NRA, for its acronym in English, the main group opposing any type of control in the sale of weapons in the United States, is entering an economic crisis due to the fall of contributions from its members.

  • Caravan of uncertainty 19/11/18

    Mexican authorities estimate that between nine and ten thousand migrants will concentrate in the coming days in the city of Tijuana, adjacent to the border of the United States, a phenomenon of mass mobilization of Central Americans that has attracted huge international attention and aroused many comments.

  • Public debate on draft Constitution concludes16/11/18

    Public debate on draft Constitution concluded throughout Cuba this week, in an exercise of genuine popular participation during which more than seven million Cubans freely expressed their views.

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  • President Díaz-Canel learns in London of British interest in strengthening ties with Cuba15/11/18

    Following a fruitful tour of nations in Europe and Asia, Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel, on his way back to Havana made a stop over in Great Britain, where he highlighted the solidarity of that nation with Cuba and reiterated the interest of further strengthening ties between the two peoples.

  • Argentina – The social panorama worsens!13/11/18

    The neoliberal policies introduced over the past months by the Government of Argentinian President Mauricio Macri has worsened by a multi million dollar loan concluded with the International Monetary Fund that is aggravating the difficult situation faced by the Argentine people.

  • Children of immigrants are children of the United States09/11/18

    Although captured and brought by force, Africans rank among the first immigrants to arrive in what would later become the United States of America. Their ordeal began when they were first sent to the British colony of Virginia, in 1619, one year before the Mayflower passengers landed in Massachusetts. In 1860, before the outbreak of the Civil War, there were already more than four million slaves in that country.

  • The United States: a highly polarized society!07/11/18

    The Democratic Party regained control over the Lower House of Congress in the so called Mid=Term election held this Tuesday in the United States, whose results have evidenced the high polarization prevailing in the US society under the Presidency of Donald Trump.

  • Bolivia marches forward with a satisfactory economic development06/11/18

    Bolivia will close 2018 in a favorable economic climate, which confirms that country as the fastest growing economy in South America with stable policies following the election of President Evo Morales, who has been able to sort out many domestic and international difficulties.

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  • The U.S. blockade affects the development of renewable energies in Cuba26/10/18

    Cuba plans for the year twenty thirty to obtain twenty four percent of its energy from clean sources, in its effort to change its sources of energy and contribute to world wide efforts to continue reducing oil consumption and contribute to a clean environment.

  • Trump, the unpopular!25/10/18

    A survey conducted among citizens of the 25 nations by the Washington based Pew Consultants revealed that most of them do not, I repeat, do not trust Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, thus confirming that this high official is most unpopular throughout the world.

  • Migrant caravan moves north towards U.S.-Mexico Border19/10/18

    Migration, a complex global problem, grows every day. The deep economic and social inequalities and the violence generated by conflicts, drug trafficking and mobs force more affected persons to displace themselves from their places of residence in order to save their lives and seek a more promising future.

  • U.S. failure at the UN18/10/18

    The US delegation to the United Nations and its servant, Luis Almagro, the General Secretary of the Organization of American States, just had a notorious setback when they tried to stage a grotesque anti Cuban show at the UN General Assembly with the pretext of alleged violations in Cuba of human rights. But the Cuban delegation rose in face of such an insult and immediately responded adequately to such insolent fabrications and lies.

  • Good news from Guatemala12/10/18

    One piece of good news came from Guatemala this week concerning the sentence to fifteen and a half years of imprisonment on former vice president Roxana Baldetti, one of the many trials she must stand as accused for having set up a system of corruption that allowed her to steal millions of dollars, along with then President Otto Perez Molina, also now behind bars.

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  • Nobel peace prize committee hits the nail on the head10/10/18

    As is the custom every October, news from Sweden and Norway disclosed the winners of the Nobel Prizes, which this year will be missing the one for Literature.

  • Haiti struck again09/10/18

    Once again, the force of nature has made the eyes of the world turn on Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, struck by a five point nine strong earthquake that has left at least fifteen dead, hundreds of wounded and widespread damages to its flimsy infrastructure.

  • Brazilian left-wing keeps up the struggle08/10/18

    The first round of the Brazilian general election closed this Sunday with an advantage for the extreme right wing, which is now in an easy position with a view to the next election day, on October 28, placing the left wing to do an Herculean job if it wants to erase such advantage.

  • Cuba and the voice of dignity06/10/18

    We now bring you excerpts from a 2001 address by the well-known Uruguayan poet and writer, the late Eduardo Galeano, dealing with the issue of terrorism against Cuba, a country that has had to mourn the loss of 3,478 of their sons and daughters, whose lives were cut short by terrorism.

  • Tlatelolco in Mexico's memory02/10/18

    Mexico is recalling on this date, with countless activities, the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most painful episodes in its recent history. It is known as the Tlatelolco Massacre, in which countless youths disappeared at the hands of security forces and paramilitary groups.

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  • Trump: Is he a patriot?28/09/18

    The President of the United States Donald Trump spoke for thirty four minutes before the United Nations General Assembly and his speech was, as expected, chaotic, self sufficient, full of contradictions and based on the idea that he could not care less for the rest of the world, subscribing to the thesis that any nation, however powerful, can live in isolation from the rest of the planet.

  • Bolivia awaits for the sea18/09/18

    The President of Bolivia Evo Morales has called on the population to wait with serenity the ruling to be issued by the International Penal Court at The Hague, Holland, on Bolivia's historic claim demanding a sovereign outlet to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Hunger expands in the world!13/09/18

    On a planet that is able to produce enough foodstuffs to feed all its inhabitants, several factors are at work that expand the scourge of hunger, which affects one out of every nine inhabitants of the Earth, according to a joint report issued by five specialized United Nations agencies.

  • Do we have on course a general test of an aggression against Venezuela?07/09/18

    Ongoing right now near Colombia's Caribbean Coast is a naval and sea armed exercise known as UNITAS LIX, led by the United States with the participation of some Latin American nations. This so called exercise may be considered as a general test, if not the prelude, of a military attack on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whose coast is just miles away.

  • Donald Trump: playing with fire06/09/18

    The unpredictable President of the United States Donald Trump has decided to heighten the level of confrontation with some of the most important media organs in his country, a most dangerous idea since he is only two months away from the mid term elections, which will prove to be crucial for his tenure.

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  • Macri decides to adjust the adjustment05/09/18

    With the real value of the Argentine peso on a free fall and an economy on the brink of recession, Argentine President Mauricio Macri is enforcing desperate measures and has turned the screw even further on his already anti-popular economic decisions, which are already worsening the tragic economic situation of the Argentine people, with a society on the brink of a huge explosion.

  • Trump defines his priorities in the Middle East04/09/18

    President Donald Trump has decided to suspend all US contributions to the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees, thus endangering the lives and the fundamental rights of millions of Palestinian citizens who suffer the permanent onslaught of the Israeli regime.

  • Cuban president meets with Belize's prime minister12:51 PM

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel received the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Oliver Barrow, who arrived in Havana on Tuesday with the purpose of strengthening relations between both countries.

  • Cuban president reviews key investments in the Mariel Special Development Zone12:43 PM

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has toured key works underway at the Mariel Special Development Zone. Over the weekend, the Cuban president reviewed the construction of the Biotechnology Industrial Complex, the largest project within the Zone where state-of-the-art products will be manufactured. The factory is a 100% Cuban investment and is set to open in 2020.

  • Cuban president: 'we cannot underestimate our historical adversaries'12:36 PM

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has warned not to underestimate the region’s historical adversaries that are using vast resources to overthrow progressive and popular forces in power.

  • Top ten national news stories of 201829/12/18

    Radio Havana Cuba brings you a summary of national stories that were highlights of 2018.

  • Top ten international news stories of 201829/12/18

    Radio Havana Cuba now brings you the top ten international news stories that we covered on RHC over the past year.

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  • President Diaz-Canel says 2019 will be a year of challenges and victories 26/12/18

    “A new year is about to begin, a new anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. It will be a year of challenges, battles and victories and we will go for more,” Diaz-Canel wrote on his Twitter account.

  • Cuban Deputies briefed about results of public consultation on Draft Constitution19/12/18

    The Secretary of the Cuban Council of State, Homero Acosta, briefed Cuban lawmakers on Tuesday about the changes included in the Draft Constitution, after it was submitted to a broad consultation process.

  • 16th Summit of ALBA Heads of State and Government held in Havana14/12/18

    The 16th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples' of Our America -- People's Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) is being held in the Cuban capital on Friday.

  • Cuba-CARICOM Day celebrated in Havana 07/12/18

    Cuba has reiterated its willingness to further expand its relations with the Caribbean Community, CARICOM. Cuba-CARICOM Day, observed every December 8th, was marked in Havana with a ceremony chaired by the president of the island´s Parliament, Esteban Lazo, and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

  • Cuban president receives high-ranking North Korean official30/11/18

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has received Kim Yong Nam, President of the Supreme People's Assembly Presidium of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and member of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (PTC) Central Committee, on an official visit to the island.

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  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel blasts U.S. migratory policy towards Cuba29/11/18

    President Miguel Díaz-Canel denounced Washington's migratory policy towards Cuba on Thursday, which he said denies visas and affects the normal functioning of diplomatic missions of the two countries.

  • Nearly 1,500 Cuban doctors already back from Brazil27/11/18

    Another 204 Cuban doctors arrived in Havana on Monday, taking the total number of health professionals returning from Brazil to nearly 1,500, after Cuba's recent decision to no longer participate in the More Doctors program. The determination came after Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro demanded contract changes and questioned the skills of the island's medical professionals.

  • Miguel Diaz-Canel and Raul Castro pay tribute to Fidel on second anniversary of his death26/11/18

    Floral wreaths from First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raúl Castro, and Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, were laid before the monument where Fidel Castro's ashes rest in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba on the second anniversary of Fidel's death.

  • First group of Cuban doctors serving in Brazil arrives home23/11/18

    The first group of over 200 Cuban health professionals who recently ended their participation in Brazil's More Doctors program, arrived in Havana this morning. The contingent was received at the Jose Marti International Airport by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

  • Cuban vice president receives director general for cooperation and development of the European Commission20/11/18

    The Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas, received Stéfano Manservisi, Director General for Cooperation and Development of the European Commission, on Monday afternoon as part of the work program he is developing in the country in the framework of the first Cuba-European Union Cooperation Sub-Committee.

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  • Return of Cuban doctors from Brazil begins soon 19/11/18

    The return of Cuban health professionals working in Brazil will begin shortly and should conclude by mid-December, according to authorities at the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) who, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation, are ensuring the arrival of all their belongings and transportation from Havana to their homes across the island.

  • Cuba says lack of political will by industrialized nations hampers eradication of poverty and hunger17/11/18

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez says that humanity has sufficient material, financial and technological resources to eradicate poverty, hunger and preventable diseases. However, he noted that goal cannot be accomplished due to the lack of political will of industrialized nations.

  • Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez leads Cuban delegation to Ibero-American Summit in Guatemala16/11/18

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is in La Antigua, Guatemala, heading the country's delegation to the XXVI Summit of Ibero-American Heads of State and Government.

  • Communist Party leader Raúl Castro welcomes President Miguel Díaz-Canel upon his return from international tour15/11/18

    The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Raúl Castro welcomed President Miguel Díaz-Canel at Havana's José Martí International Airport, upon his return from his first international tour as the Cuban head of state.

  • Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel meets with British business people in London13/11/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel held a meeting in London with members of the Cuba Initiative, an organization that promotes economic cooperation, trade and investment between Cuba and the United Kingdom.

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  • Cuban and Vietnamese presidents meet in Hanoi09/11/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and his Vietnamese counterpart President Nguyen Phu Trong witnessed the signing of trade and finance agreements after official talks in the Vietnamese capital.

  • Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel continues official visit to China07/11/18

    During his second day of an official visit to China, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel met in Beijing with the head of the Standing Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference, Wang Yang.

  • Cuban and Russian presidents sign Strategic Partnership Agreement in Moscow02/11/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday, where they signed an agreement to foster strategic bilateral cooperation.

  • UN General Assembly overwhelmingly votes against U.S. blockade of Cuba01/11/18

    The United Nations General Assembly passed with 189 votes in favor and only 2 against -- the United States and Israel -- a Cuban-sponsored resolution on ending the blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.

  • Nations of the world raise their voices at UN to say 'No More Blockade on Cuba'31/10/18

    For the 27th consecutive year, the United Nations General Assembly is debating a Cuban-sponsored draft resolution on the “Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.”

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  • Cuban and Panamanian presidents hold official talks in Havana30/10/18

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel received on Monday his Panamanian counterpart, Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, who is on an official visit to Cuba.

  • President Miguel Diaz-Canel receives Robert Fico, former Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic 29/10/18

    President Miguel Diaz-Canel met this Sunday with Robert Fico, top leader of the SMER-SD Party and former Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, who is visiting Cuba.

  • Cuban foreign minister reveals new U.S. political maneuver at U.N. that seeks to erode upcoming resolution against Washington's blockade25/10/18

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez warned during a news conference in Havana on Wednesday that a new political maneuver by Washington is being staged against Cuba at the United Nations.

  • Spain and Cuba for expanded relations and cooperation22/10/18

    The government of Spain has highlighted the good relations and cooperation with Cuba and expressed its commitment to consolidate ties with the island.

  • Cuban president begins two-day working visit to Camagüey19/10/18

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel is on a two-day working visit to the province of Camagüey, accompanied by a government delegation.

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  • Cuban president calls for sensitivity in facing damage from Hurricane Michael 12/10/18

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel toured the municipality of Batabanó, in Mayabeque province, to evaluate damage caused by Hurricane Michael. He said that the visit also served as an opportunity to analyze the situation of longstanding problems in the area.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel says 150 years later Cuban Revolution is the same and so are its challenges 10/10/18

    President Miguel Díaz-Canel said that the Cuban Revolution, begun by the Father of the Cuban Homeland Carlos Manuel de Céspedes on October 10th, 1868, is the same today and so are the challenges it faces.

  • 150th anniversary of Cuba's independence War to be marked at La Demajagua 09/10/18

    The 150th anniversary of the beginning of Cuba's independence war will be marked Wednesday at La Demajagua National Park in Manzanillo, in the eastern Cuban province of Granma.

  • Days of Action against the U.S. Blockade of Cuba slated for next week in Washington, D.C. 19/09/18

    The fourth annual Days of Action Against the Blockade of Cuba -- organized by the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba (NNOC) -- will take place from September 24th through the 28th in Washington D.C.

  • Process of constitutional debates continues throughout Cuba18/09/18

    More than 80,000 debates, with nearly one million Cubans taking part, have been held thus far since the process of popular consultation of Cuba's new constitution began last August 13th.

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  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlights broad public debates nationwide on draft of Cuban Constitution13/09/18

    Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel termed as broad and thorough the public debates on the proposed draft Constitution, taking place in workplaces and communities across Cuba since last August 13th.

  • Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel meets with visiting prime minister of Belize12/09/18

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel met Tuesday in Havana with the Right Honorable Dean Oliver Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, who is on an official visit.

  • Cuba blasts attempt to use the UN Security Council against Nicaragua07/09/18

    Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno has denounced attempts by the United States to use the UN Security Council to attack Nicaragua and ratified Cuba's rejection of that type of position.

  • Foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez meets with visiting Dominican deputy foreign minister 06/09/18

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez met Wednesday in Havana with the Dominican Republic’s deputy foreign minister in charge of Consular and Migratory Issues, Marjorie Espinosa. The Dominican high diplomatic officer is on an official visit to Cuba to participate in a round of bilateral migration talks.

  • Cuba wins under-21 men's continental volleyball tournament05/09/18

    Cuba came up on top and obtained the only ticket to the 2019 World Volleyball Championships by beating the Dominican Republic in the final of the under-21 regional NORCECA Men's Continental Tournament in Havana this week.

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  • Cuba blasts new version regarding alleged health incidents of US diplomats in Havana04/09/18

    The Cuban government rejected today a new version regarding alleged health incidents involving US diplomats in Havana. Reports in the US now point to the supposed use of microwave radiation in those incidents.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show12:49 PM

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  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Professor Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro04/09/18

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the fascinating world of radio communications.

  • RHC's segment 'The Voice of José Martí'12:50 PM

    In these programs we are seeking to profile Martí based on a selection of writers both of his own time and more recent. Today and over the next few weeks our programs are based on the publication The Great Hispanic Heritage: José Martí by Jon Sternglas and published by Chelsea House An imprint of Infobase Publishing, New York, in 2007.

  • RHC's Segment 'The Voice of José Martí'05/12/18

    In Part 3 of our series we are featuring profiles of Martí in the writings of famous authors both of his own time and those who wrote later.

  • RHC's Segment 'The Voice of José Martí'28/11/18

    In Part 3 of our series we are featuring profiles of Martí in the writings of famous authors both of his own time and those who wrote later.

  • RHC's segment 'Voice of José Martí'12/09/18

    Part One of our series focused largely on the War Diaries of Martí, ending with his death on May 19, 1895. In Part Two we were relating Martí’s observations and views on North American life. In Part 3 of our series we are featuring profiles of Martí in the writings of famous authors both of his own time and those who wrote later.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show12:36 PM

    A Regional Training Center for young people with disabilities was inaugurated in Guyana with Cuba's assistance. It uses Cuba’s vast experience in the field to assist CARICOM Member States to meet their special education needs associated with disabilities.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show04/01/19

    Cuban pianist and composer Frank Fernández will offer a concert at the Morro Cabaña Complex on January 8th, marking the 60th anniversary of the arrival in Havana of the Freedom Caravan, led by Fidel Castro, in January 1959.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show (year-end summary)29/12/18

    We bring you a year-end summary of some of the top events that took place in the Caribbean during 2018, as we covered them for you here at Radio Havana Cuba.

  • Fidel: The Caribbean is an example of how peoples and governments can work together united by culture, history and common interests07/12/18

    RHC's weekly feature Caribbean Outlook Show, dedicated to Cuba-Caricom Day, which is observed every year on December 8th.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show30/11/18

    Next December 5th, the company Sunrise Airways will inaugurate a new direct flight to connect the Cuban capital, Havana, and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

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  • Special edition of RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show dedicated to Revolution leader Fidel Castro23/11/18

    As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the death of Revolution leader Fidel Castro, to be marked this coming Sunday, November 25th, we bring today a special edition of the Caribbean Outlook Show to pay tribute to a man, whose revolutionary life and work has impacted on the lives of his people, the lives of people throughout the Caribbean region, the entire Western Hemisphere and around the world.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show16/11/18

    Cuba's Septeto Santiaguero and Dominican singer José Alberto 'el Canario' won this year's Latin Grammy Award for Best Traditional Tropical Album with their latest issue 'A mi qué'.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show09/11/18

    On Friday, November 9th, the University of Tampa’s Scarfone/Hartley Gallery opened a new exhibition, Pedro Pablo Oliva’s Cuba: Histories, highlighting the art of this nationally recognized master of Cuban contemporary art from Pinar del Rio. The exhibition runs through December 12th.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show02/11/18

    Earlier this week, the United Nations General Assembly debated and voted on the yearly resolution urging Washington to end its nearly six-decades-long blockade policy on Cuba. The UN resolution garnered the support of 189 UN member states, among them all sister Caribbean nations.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show26/10/18

    Health ministers from across the Caribbean have agreed on an action plan to ensure that the health of people living in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) is protected and prioritized within the global climate change agenda.

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  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show19/10/18

    The Cuban Ministry of Culture has called a massive Tuitazo campaign this Friday and Saturday on social media, on occasion of Cuban Culture Day –marked on October 20th.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show12/10/18

    The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission has called on the international community to launch a swift, coordinated and aggressive relief effort to assist the people and government of Haiti in the wake of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck northwestern Haiti over the weekend.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show07/09/18

    China's Belt and Road Initiative offers "many benefits" and "more investment" for Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the head of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

  • RHC's Scientific and Medical Review (year-end summary)29/12/18

    The following is a special edition of the Medical and Scientific Review with some of the most important events in the field of health in 2018, as we covered them for you here at Radio Havana Cuba.

  • RHC's Scientific and Medical Report04/12/18

    Cuba and other Latin American countries are observing the Latin American Medicine Day, falling every year on December 3rd as a tribute to the eminent Cuban scientist Carlos Juan Finlay, who was born on December 3rd, in 1833 in Camagüey.

  • RHC's Scientific and Medical Report22/10/18

    More than 3 thousand Cuban women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, the country's health authorities have advised, adding that in 2017, breast cancer was second among diseases with the highest incidence and mortality rates among women in the country.

  • RHC's Scientific and Medical Report08/10/18

    The New York-based Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has announced that the initial results of the first North American clinical study of the CIMAvax-EGF vaccine show that this immunotherapy developed in Cuba is safe, well tolerated and deserves further study.

  • RHC's every other weekly program Focus on Africa29/10/18

    Today on FOCUS ON AFRICA, we have some news for you from the continent and we have some great African music, too... right here on Radio Havana Cuba.

  • RHC's interview with Dr. Rodrigo Alvarez Cambra on Day of Latin American Medicine04/12/18

    Every December 3rd is the DAY OF LATIN AMERICAN MEDICINE. Up next, Radio Havana Cuba's Roberto Bastidas has an interview with a very special doctor here in Havana.

  • RHC's Segment on Literature 'From The Bookshelf'15/11/18

    Today we are continuing our new series of programs containing excerpts from Puerto Príncipe, Cuba By Joseph Alden Springer and written in 1875.

  • RHC's Segment on Literature 'From The Bookshelf'25/10/18

    Today we are continuing our new series of programs containing excerpts from Puerto Príncipe, Cuba By Joseph Alden Springer and written in 1875.

  • RHC's Segment on Literature 'From The Bookshelf'13/09/18

    In our program today we are continuing an excerpted series of the book by James J. O’Kelly entitled Mambi Land and published by J. B. Lippincott and Company in 1874.



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