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  • Minister Bruno Rodríguez: ALBA members must join forces to prevent a new imperialist military adventure in our region 22/05/19

    We bring excerpts of the speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who spoke at the ALBA meeting Tuesday here in Havana.

  • Jorge Arreaza: Cuba and Venezuela are sister nations and we are on the right side of history21/05/19

    Journalist Roberto Bastidas speaks with Jorge Arreaza, foreign minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who participated here in Havana in a solidarity with Venezuela event at the University of Information Sciences in the Cuban capital. Arreaza traveled here to attend the 18th Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA).

  • U.S. academic says Washington's wars of aggression lead to more harm than good to the United States itself20/05/19

    RHC’s Roberto Bastidas talks with a professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who stopped by our studios. Frederick Royce is an assistant scientist with the University of Florida and the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems.

  • Attorney Mara Verheyden-Hilliard: The U.S. government has sent a message that the Vienna Convention means NOTHING16/05/19

    We bring comments by Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, the main attorney for the Embassy Protection Collective. Mara spoke to reporters outside the now illegally occupied Venezuelan embassy in Washington D.C. We were able to get her comments with the help of teleSUR tv.

  • José Pertierra: U.S. security force operation at Venezuelan embassy violates international law16/05/19

    U.S. police forces broke into the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC early Thursday morning – in complete violation of International Law. Up next, Roberto Bastidas speaks on the phone to Jose Pertierra, a Cuban American attorney in Washington… and they talked about the legal situation, just hours after the police raid on the diplomatic mission and the arrest of 4 activists inside.

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  • U.S. medical student says coming back to study in Cuba allowed him to reconnect with his roots 15/05/19

    Up next, Angelica Salazar talks with a 4th year medical student who was actually born in Cuba and is now living in the U.S., but has returned to study medicine here.

  • Rodrigo Malmierca says U.S. blockade violates human rights of Cuban people, runs against international law and trade regulations14/05/19

    Statements to Radio Havana Cuba by Rodrigo Malmierca, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, about Washington's nearly 60 year-old blockade policy towards Cuba.

  • Cuba strives to eliminate Tuberculosis by 205014/05/19

    At the 4th International Congress on Technology and Health, professor Heriberto González Ochoa, a researcher with the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute, offered a master conference on tuberculosis.

  • U.S. university students grateful about full semester study abroad program in Cuba14/05/19

    Angelica Salazar, a collaborator for Radio Havana Cuba in English talking with three U.S. students from various parts of the United States studying in different U.S. universities, but together completing their last week of a full semester study abroad program at the University of Havana.

  • Cuba and Puerto Rico: Two wings of the same bird14/05/19

    A new weekly segment on Radio Havana Cuba dedicated to the freedom cause of the Puerto Rican people, brought by Rosa Meneses Albizu Campos -- granddaughter of Puerto Rican independence leader Pedro Albizu Campos.

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  • Cuba and Puerto Rico: Two wings of the same bird08/05/19

    A new program aired every week here on RHC on the struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico, brought by Rosa Meneses Albizu-Campos --the granddaughter of Pedro Albizu-Campos.

  • Brian Becker: U.S. Secret Service allows right-wing thugs to disrupt peace activists guarding Venezuelan embassy07/05/19

    Radio Havana Cuba speaks with Brian Becker, the National Coordinator of ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), who is in Washington, DC at the Venezuelan Embassy. Brian is part of the Embassy Protection Collective, guarding the embassy from right-wing forces loyal to the so-called “president” Juan Guaidó. In this exclusive interview with Radio Havana Cuba, Brian Becker talks about the current situation in Washington, DC and what people can do to help.

  • U.S. activists renewed their solidarity with Cuba07/05/19

    Up next, a long-time solidarity activist from the United States talks with RHC. From the U.S. state of Kentucky, she took part in the May Day march at the Plaza de la Revolucion here in Havana – and also participated in the solidarity meeting held at the Placio de Convenciones here in the Cuban capital.

  • Solidarity activist: U.S. blockade of Cuba is a form of economic genocide02/05/19

    Journalist Roberto Bastidas speaks with solidarity activists from around the world, who celebrated May Day --International Workers' Day-- alongside the Cuban people.

  • Cuban foreign minister calls for end to Washington's aggression26/04/19

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez held a news conference on Thursday here in Havana for national and international media. Radio Havana Cuba brings our listeners an excerpt of the statement by the Cuban foreign minister, with simultaneous translation.

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  • Cuba and Puerto Rico: Two wings of the same bird22/04/19

    A new program aired every Monday here on RHC on the struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico, brought by Rosa Meneses Albizu-Campos --the granddaughter of Pedro Albizu-Campos.

  • Fermín Quiñones: Helms-Burton is against the international community22/04/19

    Up next, we have the president of the Cuban Association of the United Nations here in Havana, Fermin Quinones. He speaks with our own Roberto Bastidas about the new measures against Cuba, imposed by the United States.

  • Anayansi Rodriguez: Fidel taught us to defend peace and noble causes around the world 19/04/19

    Journalist Roberto Bastidas speaks with Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Anayansi Rodriguez about the new hostile measures against Cuba announced by the Trump administration earlier this week.

  • Fernández de Cossío: the current U.S. government wrongly believe that they can reedit the Monroe Doctrine in our region 19/04/19

    Journalist Roberto Bastidas speaks with Carlos Fernández de Cossío, director for the United States at the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

  • Cuba and Puerto Rico: Two wings of the same bird16/04/19

    A new program on the struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico, brought by Rosa Meneses Albizu-Campos --the granddaughter of Pedro Albizu-Campos.

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  • Puerto Rico is going through one of the most difficult crisis it has faced in its history 12/04/19

    Roberto Bastidas talks with Puerto Rican Wilma Reverón Collazo, a lawyer with extensive practice in human and family rights. She is on the Board of Advisors of the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) Puerto Rico National Chapter, and also the Constitutional Development Commission of the Puerto Rico Bar Association. She has appeared multiple times before the United Nations to advocate freedom for the Puerto Rican political prisoners and Puerto Rico's independence.

  • Raúl Castro: This Constitution becomes a legacy for the new generations of Cubans10/04/19

    We bring excerpts of the remarks by Raúl Castro, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) during Wednesday's parliamentary session, which proclaimed the New Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

  • Andrés Gómez says U.S. annulment of Cuba-MLB deal is another perverse attempt to isolate Cuba09/04/19

    Roberto Bastidas talks with Andrés Gómez, the National Coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, composed of Cubans living in the United States and he is the Director of Areíto Magazine in Miami.

  • UN General Assembly president: Cuba is a key UN partner 08/04/19

    On the weekend RHC's Roberto Bastidas talked with Ecuadorean María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of the United Nations General Assembly. María Fernanda Espinosa was on an official visit to Cuba where she met with President Diaz Canel and with students of the Higher Institute of International Relations, ISRI.

  • Le Diner en Blanc, the world's largest and most exclusive picnic premiers in Havana 08/04/19

    RHC's reporter Isis María Allen speaks with Kasara E. Davidson, Managing Director of Diaspora Travel Trade Inc., who is here for the premier of Le Diner en Blanc in Havana, as the Cuban capital is now on the privileged list of 80 cities that have hosted the largest and most exclusive picnic in the world.

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  • Cuban senior diplomat says Washington's foreign policy is old-fashioned and doesn't belong to the 21st century03/04/19

    Roberto Bastidas talks with Johana Tablada the Deputy Director for the US at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel receives U.S. Congressman James McGovern 01/04/19

    Diaz-Canel and McGovern addressed U.S.-Cuba relations and other issues of common interest.

  • Díaz-Canel: Cuba reiterates its commitment to the peaceful settlement of disputes in the region30/03/19

    RHC brings the English version of the speech delivered by Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel at the VIII Meeting of the Association of Caribbean States, in Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Cuban President in Nicaragua for Summit of Association of Caribbean States29/03/19

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel is in Managua, Nicaragua leading the Cuban delegation at the 8th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

  • Ricardo Alarcón: the United States has always wanted to annex Cuba27/03/19

    In recent statements to the Cuban press, former Cuban Parliament president and diplomat Ricardo Alarcón has referred to the waiver provision used by successive U.S. administrations, up until Trump, to postpone every six-months Title III of the infamous Helms-Burton Act of 1996.

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  • Cuba insists Washington is manipulating diplomat health incidents 14/03/19

    We bring a report to the press by Carlos Fernández de Cossío, director general for the US in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the results of the investigation into the so called health incidents reported by U.S. diplomats in Havana.

  • Expert: Title III of Helms-Burton aims to limit Cuba’s access to foreign capital sources14/03/19

    Up next, we bring another in our series of programs on the Helms Burton law and especially Donald Trump’s threat to apply the nefarious Title III.

  • Cuba condemns the terrorist sabotage against the power supply system in Venezuela14/03/19

    Statement by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, in response to the US orchestrated acts of sabotage against the Venezuelan power grid.

  • As the U.S. cranks up aggression toward Cuba, Cubans continue moving ahead with unity, continuity and resistance09/03/19

    In an article recently published on Cubadebate, journalist Sergio Alejandro Gomez outlined some of the most offensive and hypocritical sections of the 1996 Helms Burton Act.

  • Cuba: An army of women who love and build09/03/19

    In honor of International Women's Day, Radio Havana Cuba's Natalie Howard reads a March 7 article entitled “An army of women who love and build” by journalist Carolina Aguilar Ayerra with Granma newspaper and translated by Granma International.

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  • Washington’s continued efforts to destroy the Cuban Revolution (Title III and IV of Helms-Burton)09/03/19

    US policies towards Cuba over the past six decades have been designed to suffocate the neighboring Caribbean state economically, towards destroying the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Today, we bring you the fourth in a series of programs on Washington’s blockade policy against Cuba, specifically on the Helms-Burton Act of 1996.

  • Washington’s continued efforts to destroy the Cuban Revolution (Title II of Helms-Burton)09/03/19

    US policies towards Cuba over the past six decades have been designed to suffocate the neighboring Caribbean state economically, towards destroying the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Today, we bring you the third in a series of programs on Washington’s blockade policy against Cuba, specifically on the Helms-Burton Act of 1996.

  • Washington’s continued efforts to destroy the Cuban Revolution (Title I of Helms-Burton)09/03/19

    Up next, we bring the second in a series of programs on the Helms-Burton Act. In our first and previous edition, we talked about Washington’s policy towards Cuba since the triumph of the 1959 Revolution, and how the Helms-Burton Act, as well as countless other U.S. anti-Cuba coercive measures before it, sought just one goal --to suffocate Cuba’s economy and thereby force regime change. In this edition, we focus on Title I of the Helms-Burton.

  • Helms-Burton Law and Washington’s continued efforts to destroy the Cuban Revolution07/03/19

    US foreign policies toward Cuba over the past six decades have been designed to economically, suffocate its neighboring Caribbean state and destroy its triumphant 1959 Revolution. Today we bring you the first in series of programs on Washington’s blockade policy against Cuba and the Helms-Burton Law.

  • Chavez’s leadership and legacy revolutionized Venezuela, like no other administration in the nation’s history07/03/19

    March 5th marked the sixth anniversary of the death of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez Frias.

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  • Cuba strongly rejects new aggressive escalation by the US07/03/19

    Cuban foreign ministry issued a statement, rejecting the announced decision by the US State Department that Washington will allow lawsuits under Title III of the illegal Helms-Burton Act.

  • Cuban scholar: implementing Title III of Helms-Burton would be a mess in the U.S. court system 01/03/19

    We have Roberto Bastidas’ interview with Santiago Pérez Benitez, Researcher and Deputy Director of the International Policy Research Center of Havana. They discuss the increased hostility of the US Government towards Cuba, the resurgence of rhetoric and continued economic blockade, and the many examples that demonstrate the impossibility of isolating the island.

  • Alabama restaurant owner says that he loves Cuban cuisine and the hospitality of the Cuban people01/03/19

    We now bring an interview with Bob Baumhower, a restaurant owner from Mobile, Alabama. Bob has visited Cuba on several occasions, has literally fallen in love with Cuba, particularly the hospitality of the people and, guess what! The Cuban cuisine, which he promotes in his restaurants back in Alabama.

  • Cuban-American activist: Americans are safe in Cuba 28/02/19

    Up next, we bring an interview with María Conchita Mendez, a Cuban-American, who serves as Director for Latin American Sales and Trade Development of the Alabama State Port Authority. For many years, Conchita has been very active in the campaign against the U.S. blockade of Cuba and for better understanding between Washington and Havana.

  • Title III of Helms-Burton: Aberrations of a failed policy28/02/19

    What follows is a commentary published in Granma newspaper: Aberrations of a failed policy, read today by Reinaldo Calderín of RHCś Spanish department. This a special report on the significance of the threat to implement Title III of the helms Burton law.

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  • Fernández de Cossío: implementing Title III of the Helms-Burton would be a brutal abuse of international law 27/02/19

    We have an exclusive interview with Radio Havana Cuba by Director for the United States at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández de Cossío. In it, the Cuban senior diplomat warns that implementing Title III of the Helms-Burton would be a brutal abuse of international law and customary norms in terms of trade and relationship between countries.

  • Political analyst: the situation in Venezuela can only be solved through a peaceful resolution and the lifting of all economic sanctions26/02/19

    Journalist Roberto Bastidas speaks with political analyst Carlos Alzugaray about the ratification of the new Cuban Constitution by the vast majority of the people in Sunday's referendum, the current situation in Venezuela and Washington's threat of military intervention in the South American nation.

  • Miguel Díaz-Canel: the new Constitution leads to the improvement of Cuba’s socialist society24/02/19

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed his confidence that the majority of Cubans will ratify the text of the new Constitution in the referendum.

  • Fidel Castro’s concept of Revolution and Cuba's New Constitution21/02/19

    Up next, Natalie Howard brings us another program on Cuba’s new constitution and the referendum coming up this Sunday, the 24th.

  • Cuba calls on the international community to prevent a military intervention against Venezuela 20/02/19

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez held a news conference Tuesday afternoon in Havana with national and foreign journalists accredited here in Cuba. Up next, Radio Havana Cuba brings you an English-language translation of the opening statement by Cuba’s top diplomat at Tuesday’s news conference.

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  • XXI edition of the Habano Festival opens its doors18/02/19

    The 21st edition of the Habano Festival was inaugurated on Monday at Havana’s International Convention Center. Some 1,300 people from 70 countries are attending one of the most important cigar festivals in the world, which runs all this week, through Friday, the 22nd. Radio Havana Cuba’s Roberto Bastidas was at the inauguration and spoke with the co-president of the Habano Festival.

  • Cuba: It is imperative to halt an imperialist military intervention in Venezuela14/02/19

    On Wednesday evening, the Cuban government issued an official Declaration regarding the urgent situation in Venezuela. Up next, Radio Havana Cuba brings you the English-language translation of the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba.

  • Cuba rejects OAS Secretary General's show on the island's Constitutional Referendum13/02/19

    Cuba has condemned new efforts by the Secretary General of the OAS, the Organization of American States, to unjustly criticize the Caribbean state.

  • Cuban ministries present annual report to president Díaz-Canel12/02/19

    Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel reviewed the annual reports of several ministries, including the Health Ministry.

  • Cuban youth and the country’s constitutional process11/02/19

    Up next, Radio Havana Cuba’s Natalie Howard continues to bring us more information on the upcoming referendum on Cuba’s new Constitution – which will be held on February 24th.

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  • ANSWER Coalition calls for national march in Washington in support of Venezuela 09/02/19

    Long-time solidarity activist and organizer Gloria la Riva from the United States stopped by our studios and we took the opportunity to talk with her about the situation in Venezuela.

  • New Cuban Constitution and the upcoming referendum 09/02/19

    This week we have been recapping on key moments of the constitutional reform process so far. Today, we take a brief look at the upcoming referendum and what exactly this process entails.

  • New Cuban Constitution: changes made to the draft text following a broad process of public debate 08/02/19

    As most of our listeners know, the date for Cuba’s constitutional referendum is coming up… it’s now just a little over two weeks away! Radio Havana Cuba’s Natalie Howard and Lena Valverde are up next with another in a series of reports on this important and historic constitutional process.

  • New Cuban Constitution: significant proposals and key issues discussed by the people during public debates 08/02/19

    As most of our listeners know, the date for Cuba’s constitutional referendum is coming up… it’s now just a little over two weeks away! Radio Havana Cuba’s Natalie Howard is up next with a report on the important and historic constitutional process.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel praises recovery efforts in Havana in wake of devastating tornado06/02/19

    A special edition of the prime TV program Mesa Redonda was aired Wednesday evening to inform public opinion about recovery efforts in Havana in the wake of severe damage caused by a devastating tornado in five municipalities: Cerro, Diez de Octubre, Guanabacoa, Regla and Habana del Este.

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  • Recovery efforts continue in Havana05/02/19

    RHC brings you the latest updates on recovery efforts across Havana after a January 27 tornado wrecked parts of the city.

  • Gail Walker: no contradiction between revolution and faith in our efforts to build a better world 05/02/19

    Up next, we bring a report with highlights of a conference here in Havana organized on the 166th anniversary of the birth of our National Hero Jose Marti.

  • Cuba's ambassador Josefina Vidal says Canadian decision to cut embassy staff "incomprehensible"04/02/19

    Radio Havana Cuba’s Roberto Bastidas spoke on the phone with Cuba’s Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal. She talked about Canada’s recent decision to cut its staff by half at their embassy in Havana.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup22/05/19

    The Fifth National children's audiovisual festival is underway in the center of Cuba. Rolling Fantasies, has begun in the province of Villa Clara with the assistance of youngsters from across the country who are dedicated to making audiovisuals.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup20/05/19

    The Embassy of Japan in Cuba and the Office of the Historian of Havana, has issued an open invitation to the piano concert of the talented Japanese pianist Mine Kawakami.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup14/05/19

    The XVII International Meeting on Management of Heritage Cities has got underway here in Havana as it approaches 500 years of existence.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup08/05/19

    Dedicated to Mother's Day and the 500 years of Havana, tenor Bernardo Lichilín will be performing on Saturday, May 11, at four in the afternoon, in the theater room of the José Martí National Library, in the Plaza de la Revolución.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup26/04/19

    The first film about the true history of the Wasp Network, and about the Five Cuban Heroes Prisoners in the prisons of the Empire, has just finished filming in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and the Canary Islands.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup16/04/19

    With the screening of a series of feature films by Cuban filmmakers, Venezuela celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (Icaic).

  • RHC's Arts Roundup 09/04/19

    Although the opening ceremony is scheduled for this Friday, April 12, at the Wifredo Lam Center, the pulsations of the XIII Biennial of Havana will begin to be felt from Wednesday 10 with the presentation of the catalog of the event, and will gain in intensity on Thursday 11 with the opening of the program of collateral exhibitions, and an exhibition of Mexican master Gabriel Orozco.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup08/04/19

    The 28th Festival The Spanish Footprint or La Huella de España in Cuba has gotten underway with the traditional ceremony to celebrate the latent impact of that European culture in the Caribbean island of Cuba.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup03/04/19

    Agnes Varda arrived in Havana in the last weeks of 1962. She did not shrink from the recent events that had kept the world on edge, with the Island at the center of one of the most critical episodes of the Cold War, the missile crisis and the danger of nuclear war.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup29/03/19

    The Office of Arts and the Jazz Band of the University of Harvard, United States, has named Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés as Maestro de jazz residente or Resident Jazz Maestro, due to his making a significant contribution to American music.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup27/03/19

    Iranian cinema has arrived in Havana for a week of recent productions of the so called seventh art. The cycle will run until March 31 and will feature five films produced from 2003 to 2014 in room 2 of Multicine Infanta.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup22/03/19

    In homage to the 80 years of artistic life of the most internationally recognized Cuban fashion star, Rosita Fornés, Cuban artists will present a special gala, according to the organizers.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup15/03/19

    Pablo Milanes, one of the founders of the Cuban Trova Nueva or New Song Movement, is one of the nominees in 2019 to the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, also known as La Musa Awards.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup01/03/19

    The National Center for Popular Music has announced the XVIII Edition of the "Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam" Drum Festival and Contest, to be held in Havana, from March 4 to 10, 2019 and will have the Teatro Mella as its main venues.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup25/02/19

    The Company of Recordings and Musical Editions (Egrem) of Cuba has announced the details of the celebration of its 55th birthday, to be marked on March 31 next.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup21/02/19

    Odors and flavors of Dominican cuisine accompanied this week's opening cocktail in salute Dominican Republic week in Cuba and to the 175th anniversary of the country's independence.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup20/02/19

    Benny More (August 24, 1919 to February 19, 1963) is considered by many fans of Cuban music as the greatest Cuban singer of all time.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup18/02/19

    The first stage of the 28th edition of the Cuba Book Fair concluded Sunday here in Havana with a call on all peoples of the world to express their solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their constitutional government led by president Nicolás Maduro against Washington's threats of a military invasion.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup 15/02/19

    The Cuban company Acosta Danza, directed by the first dancer Carlos Acosta, has opened a new season with works by choreographers from Sweden, Spain and Cuba. Entitled Rituals, the group is performing in the García Lorca hall of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso until February 17.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup14/02/19

    Some of the qualities that place the Cuban ballet school in a prominent position worldwide have emerged in one of the most central spots in the Cuban capital.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup13/02/19

    The Cuban musician Raúl Torres with his song Tambores de la paz has launched a global campaign against world wars and respect for the sovereignty of peoples, and in particular the people of Venezuela.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup12/02/19

    The history of Cuban music’s outstanding stars like Celeste Mendoza, Freddy, and the jazzwoman Numidia Vaillant, rescued from oblivion on the blog Forgotten Ones or Desmemoriados by researcher Rosa Marquetti, is now available in her book of the same name launched this week in the International Book Fair, La Feria del Libro in Havana.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup11/02/19

    The 120th anniversary of the Emilio Bacardí Moreau Provincial Museum, the first public museum founded in Cuba, will be celebrated in Santiago de Cuba on the 12th and 13th, as part of the Bacardí in Memoriam Heritage Researchers event.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup08/02/19

    The Press Commission of the Cuban Association of the United Nations will be celebrating WORLD RADIO DAY in its headquarters, on the corner of J and 25th. streets, in the Vedado district of Havana, on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 2:30 in the afternoon, in which the colleagues of RADIO PROGRESO, national radio station can count 90 years of existence this 2019.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup05/02/19

    It is 23 meters high and weighs 7 tons, more than 15 thousand pounds, it is made from small and large pieces of cloth together and responds to the name "María Parchitos". The beautiful rag doll, the largest and heaviest of its kind in the world, came to life on February 4 and is displayed in the central Plaza de Trabajadores of the former Villa Santa María of Puerto de Príncipe, today Camagüey.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup04/02/19

    The seventh edition of the hip hop festival Potaje Urbano will be underway in the municipality of Colón, in Matanzas, from 5 to 10 February, with the participation of artists from all over the country.

  • Migration and defense: main points in European elections15/05/19

    With less than two weeks for the elections to the European Parliament, scheduled for the twenty third to the twenty sixth of this month, most of the debates are centered on issues such as the waves of migrants, and the way to contain them, or the creation of a common Army of the continental block.

  • Far-right parties and European parliamentary elections26/04/19

    As the date of the election of deputies to the European Parliament approaches, on twenty three to twenty five May, the concern is extending over the Old Continent because of the swift increase of extreme right wing parliamentary forces.

  • Courage and loyalty in the face of lies and aggression 16/04/19

    This April 16, Cubans return to raise our rifles into the air, with the same fortitude and willingness to fight as in 1961, as the Bay of Pigs invasion began and Fidel handed weapons to the people to defend the sovereignty and dignity we had won, and as Cuban President Diaz-Canel said, faced with the same lies and aggression of imperialism, our response will be "the same courage and loyalty"

  • Terrible news for peace11/04/19

    Following much contested legislative elections in Israel, the extremist Benjamin Netanyahu is already forming his fifth consecutive government, which is very bad news for peace in the Middle East and for the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People to have a sovereign state, free and independent.

  • A crack in the wall 10/04/19

    The main official in the US Government entrusted with the implementation of the migration policy, Ms. Kristen Nielsen, has followed the example of several other Government officials and tendered her resignation, effective immediately, in one more crack in Mr. Donald Trump's Government wall.

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  • Ruanda: a lesson unlearned 09/04/19

    Part of the international community has mobilized on the twenty fifth anniversary of the Rwanda Massacre, one of the most terrible events in the second half of the twentieth century, but whose bitter lessons are still far from having been learned.

  • Media blitzkrieg against Venezuela continues08/04/19

    The intense, continued media campaign against Venezuela unleashed by the international right wing moved upwards one more notch with the release by international news agencies, mostly based in the United States, of information about the “arrival of Chinese Army troops in Venezuela in order to provide military training to that nation’s Armed Forces.”

  • When wind kills and no one seems to care05/04/19

    It is a sinister thought that kids that are born nowadays, who could very well be our sons, daughters, grandsons or nieces, will live a lifespan twenty months shorter than expected because they will be breathing the highly contaminated air polluting the cities of the world.

  • Migrants, hostages in Trumps electoral campaign03/04/19

    President Donald Trump is already immersed in the electoral campaign for his reelection, and without any shame he returns to issues that gained him support and applause in the last one, especially among the middle class. He is emphasizing now the alleged danger posed by immigrants who, pushed by hunger, are trying to gain access into the United States.

  • Brexit: is it stuck?01/04/19

    Following several votes on the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union, this process of divorce, popularly known as Brexit, is now stuck and no one in Britain knows what will happen next.

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  • Migrants: few changes and more grieve27/03/19

    To no one's surprise, a new migrant caravan has been formed in the Mexican border city of Tapachula, in South East Mexico, and it is already marching northwards towards the Mexico US border, where it hopes to make true its dream, although it most probably will become a nightmare.

  • Michel Temer, at last in the hands of justice22/03/19

    A Brazilian expert in coups against properly elected Presidents, Michel Temer, a man who for many years was able to evade the hands of justice thanks to the immunity that afforded him a seat in Congress, was finally arrested for leading a criminal mafia. He was detained in Rio de Janeiro and flown under heavy custody to the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, where he will be tried.

  • The military option against Venezuela weakens27/02/19

    Several instances, including the so called Lima Group, a gathering that follows Washington's indications, have reversed their stand for a military intervention against the Venezuelan nation to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.

  • North Korean-U.S. Summit: a difficult bet26/02/19

    With many questions about its concrete results and about it meaning an effective step forward toward bilateral understanding and peace, Hanoi will host in the coming hours the second Summit between President Donald Trump, of the United States, and the President of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un.

  • Eight years of hell in Libya 21/02/19

    Libya has just marked eight years of the beginning of the foreign inspired revolt to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, thus opening the door to a bloody conflict that has fragmented the country and the population by armed bands that dispute ferociously their control over that North African country.

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  • Ultra-right, very active in Spain's elections18/02/19

    Following his defeat in Parliament, which rejected his national budget proposal, Spanish President Pedro Sánchez had no recourse other than convening general elections for April 28th, a high risk contest since the extreme right wing VOX political party could become the deciding force in the electoral dispute.

  • Deceitful conference on the Middle East14/02/19

    A deceitful conference was convened by the United States Government with the alleged aim of bringing peace and stability to the Middle East, an area where most of the problems are the result of interventionist policies fostered precisely by Washington, and, very importantly, by the main US ally in that area, Israel.

  • Spain and Venezuela14/02/19

    When the President of the Venezuelan Parliament Juan Guaidó climbed on his seat and declared himself as Provisional President of Venezuela, even though no one proposed or voted for him, the Government of Spain was one of those that rushed and pushed the European Union to accept such insolent breach of the Venezuelan Constitution.

  • The manufacturers of Juan Guaidó12/02/19

    In November 2005, a group of Venezuelan youths joined in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the training facility of the Center for Strategies and the Application of Non Violent Actions, known by its acronym of CANVAS, where they learned tactics and strategies to overthrow governments rejected by the United States.

  • La larga historia de la eugenesia en Estados Unidos12/02/19

    La esterilización forzosa viola la integridad física y la seguridad de una persona y constituye por tanto, una forma de violencia y una violación de sus derechos humanos. Por María Josefina Arce

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  • Our planet keeps warming up, Watch out! 08/02/19

    The last four years have been the warmest since the pre industrial era, that is between 1850 and 1900, and United Nations experts say this dangerous anomaly is the result of the record accumulation of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

  • Mr. Trump puts on sheep's clothes08/02/19

    One week late, U.S. President Donald Trump finally delivered his State of the Union message before both Houses of Congress where, as a wolf masked under sheep's clothing, he spoke about his quest for quote national unity, bipartisan cooperation and the reconstruction of US grandeur unquote.

  • Is Donald Trump seeking a war in our hemisphere?05/02/19

    President Donald Trump reaffirmed that he will withdraw the US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, but not those occupying Iraq, while at the same time reinforced the rumors of a military operation against Venezuela aimed at deposing that country´s elected President Nicolas Maduro.

  • Peace in Latin America is endangered if Venezuela is invaded04/02/19

    Peace in Latin America and the Caribbean is endangered if Venezuela is invaded. The latest statements issued by Mike Pence, VicePresident of the United States, and by John Bolton, President Trumps National Security Advisor, are serious and provocative against the legitimate, democratically elected President of Venezuzela, Nicolas Maduro and forecast an imminent intervention in Venezuelan soil.

  • Guatemalan indigenous populations back to colonial oppression01/02/19

    At least six million Indian natives live in Guatemala, most of them in conditions similar to those prevailing in their land under colonial rule. They are the victims of ferocious discrimination and a terrible labor over exploitation, accompanied by living conditions similar to those under slavery.

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  • ALBA-TCP Political Council concerned about actions against regional peace and security22/05/19

    The 18th Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America- Peoples Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) issued a Final Declaration expressing their concern about the aggressive escalation against Our America, the actions against regional peace and security and especially the threats of the use of force against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

  • Vietnamese deputy prime minister and foreign minister concludes official visit 21/05/19

    Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh has concluded his official visit to Cuba.

  • Cuban ambassador to Canada blasts extraterritorial nature of Helms-Burton Law26/04/19

    In statements to CBC TV, Cuba’s ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal insisted that Washington’s activation of Title III of the infamous piece of legislation and the new package of anti-Cuba measures announced by the Trump Administration will not only hurt Cuba, its people and economy, but also the economic interests of the United States, those of U.S. allies like Canada, and other nations that have legitimate business with Cuba.

  • Cuban Parliament proclaims new Constitution of the Republic10/04/19

    On April 10th, the National Assembly of People’s Power (the Cuban Parliament) proclaimed the New Constitution of the Republic during the Second Extraordinary Session of the body’s Ninth Legislature.

  • Cuban President says Venezuelan people defend peace03/04/19

    Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Wednesday that the Venezuelan people defend peace and sovereignty following attacks on the country's power system.

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  • British Royal couple concludes visit to Cuba27/03/19

    Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall conclude their visit to Cuba on Wednesday, during which they met with president Miguel Díaz-Canel and toured sites of economic, historical and cultural interest.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel continues visit to socioeconomic centers in Havana22/03/19

    Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, began the second day of his visit to the capital in the municipality of Regla, where he reviewed progress being made in economic and social programs.

  • Cuban President winds up government visit to Santiago de Cuba15/03/19

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel wrapped up a government visit to Santiago de Cuba to review the progress of economic and social programs underway there, as well as to evaluate advances made since his last visit in June 2018.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel congratulates Cuban journalists on Cuban Press Day14/03/19

    Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel congratulated Cuban journalists who celebrated Cuban Press Day on March 14th. Instituted in 1992, Cuban Press Day pays tribute to the first issue of Patria newspaper by National Hero José Martí back in 1869.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel visits Province of Mayabeque01/03/19

    President Miguel Díaz-Canel is heading a government visit to the province of Mayabeque to review the progress of social and economic works and programs.

  • Show more
  • Cuban first deputy Foreign Minister meets with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights28/02/19

    Cuban first deputy-minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelino Medina, met with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet in Switzerland on Wednesday.

  • Cuba: The U.S. State Department must stop interfering in other countries internal affairs27/02/19

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba strongly rejected on Tuesday the disrespectful press statement issued by the U.S. State Department, attributed to Secretary Michael Pompeo, which tries to question the validity of the constitutional referendum freely and sovereignly celebrated by Cubans last February 24th.

  • Cubans ratify new Constitution26/02/19

    The president of the National Electoral Commission, Alina Balseiro Gutierrez, announced that Cubans have ratified the new Constitution of the Republic.

  • Miguel Díaz-Canel says parliament to legislate enforcement of new Constitution25/02/19

    President Miguel Díaz-Canel said that the National Assembly of People’s Power (Cuban Parliament) must prepare now to legislate the enforcement of the country’s new Magna Carta.

  • Donald Trump renews national maritime emergency regarding Cuba21/02/19

    President Donald Trump has renewed for another twelve months the National Maritime Emergency on Cuba, under which the U.S. government exercises the right to regulate the anchorage and movement of vessels into Cuban territorial waters.

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  • President Díaz-Canel says Cubans respond to Trump with peace and supporting their new Constitution20/02/19

    President Miguel Díaz Canel said Wednesday that Cubans will respond to Trump’s speech in Miami, Florida, with massive mobilizations in defense of peace and Venezuela’s sovereignty and independence, and with their support for Cuba’s new Constitution, which will be submitted to a national referendum on Sunday, February 24th.

  • Cuban president pays tribute to Comandante Juan Almeida18/02/19

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel recalled the late revolutionary Juan Almeida Bosque on the 92nd anniversary of his birth, on February 17th, 1927.

  • Italian undersecretary of foreign affairs on official visit to Cuba15/02/19

    The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Italy, Ricardo Antonio Merlo, continues his official visit to Cuba and has met with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

  • President Miguel Diaz-Canel assesses progress of recovery after devastating tornado14/02/19

    “In Cuba, we do not toss rolls of paper towels to crowds of victims of natural disasters; we act with no delay or hesitation,” said Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Wednesday evening on the Mesa Redonda TV program to evaluate the results of recovery efforts after the tornado that recently wreaked havoc in several municipalities of the Cuban capital.

  • Cuban doctors who do not find employment in Brazil can return home13/02/19

    The Cuban Public Health Ministry has announced that doctors who decided to stay in Brazil after the island’s termination of its involvement in the More Doctor Program and who do not find employment there will be allowed to return to work in the island’s public health system.

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  • Cuba slams U.S. attempt to pressure Venezuela12/02/19

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez has condemned attempts by the United States to promote a resolution in the UN Security Council to pressure Venezuela into accepting humanitarian aid.

  • President Diaz-Canel says Cuba will be better country with new Constitution11/02/19

    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has tweeted that with the new Constitution of the Republic, the island will be a better country and more in tune with the present.

  • President Miguel Díaz-Canel says Cuba guarantees free, inclusive, high-quality education for all09/02/19

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel affirmed that Cuba guarantees free, inclusive, high-quality education for all its citizens. Díaz-Canel delivered the closing speech of the 16th International Congress ‘Pedagogía 2019’ on Friday evening.

  • Cuban president says a better world is possible through education08/02/19

    Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has affirmed that education is the basis on which to build a better world for all.

  • Cuba says "humanitarian assistance" for Venezuela is pretext for military intervention08/02/19

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez warned Wednesday that sending so-called “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela is another pretext to launch a military invasion on the South American nation.

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  • International Pedagogy Congress 2019 underway in Havana 05/02/19

    The 16th International Pedagogy Congress 2019 was inaugurated on Monday in the Karl Marx Theater with the participation of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel. More than 600 delegates from 42 countries are participating in the event running until Friday, February 8th at the Havana Convention Center.

  • Preparations for Constitutional referendum continue in Cuba04/02/19

    Preparations for a referendum continue in Cuba, where more than eight million voters are expected to go to the polls on February 24th to ratify the new Constitution.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show22/05/19

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show15/05/19

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show13/02/19

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

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    RHC's feature dedicated to the fascinating world of radio communications.

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    RHC's feature dedicated to the fascinating world of radio communications.

  • RHC's segment 'The Voice of José Martí'03/04/19

    In these programs we are seeking to profile Martí based on a selection of writers both of his own time and more recent. Today and over the next few weeks our programs are based on the publication The Great Hispanic Heritage: José Martí by Jon Sternglas and published by Chelsea House An imprint of Infobase Publishing, New York, in 2007.

  • RHC's segment 'The Voice of José Martí'27/03/19

    In these programs we are seeking to profile Martí based on a selection of writers both of his own time and more recent. Today and over the next few weeks our programs are based on the publication The Great Hispanic Heritage: José Martí by Jon Sternglas and published by Chelsea House An imprint of Infobase Publishing, New York, in 2007.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show17/05/19

    Activists will stage a protest in front of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington on Saturday to denounce the US government’s decision to forcibly enter the diplomatic facility in violation of international law and arrest four activists residing there.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show26/04/19

    A park dedicated to Caribbean heroes and martyrs has been opened in Havana, as a tribute to those who embody the strong principles of heroism and solidarity that have characterized Caribbean peoples in their centuries-long struggle for independence from colonialism and oppression.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show19/04/19

    Renowned Cuban singer Omara Portuondo began Friday a world tour that will take her to the United States and Europe on its first stage.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show05/04/19

    The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party issued a sad statement this past Wednesday, April 3, informing of the death of Laura Esperanza Albizu-Campos Meneses at her home in Lima, Peru.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show29/03/19

    The ministerial segment of the summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS)was held Thursday and Cuba was represented by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

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  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show22/03/19

    Prince of Wales Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are currently on a Caribbean tour, during which they will become the first members of the British royal family to visit Cuba.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show15/03/19

    Today, we bring a special edition of our Caribbean Outlook Show, as we are marking the 40th anniversary of the Grenada Revolution, led by the charismatic leader of the New Jewel Movement, Maurice Bishop.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show01/03/19

    The Caribbean Community CARICOM reiterated again this week its stance in favor of constructive, respectful dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, toward a peaceful resolution to the situation in the South American nation, and against foreign interference in it’s internal affairs.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show 22/02/19

    Today, we bring you an interview with Gloria La Riva, a U.S. activist with the San Francisco-based Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee and the ANSWER Coalition. Gloria is in Venezuela, traveling there a week ago as a solidarity activist and a journalist to inform people around the world, especially in the United States, and spread the truth about Venezuela’s reality, which has been distorted by the mainstream media, aligned with Washington’s plans of invasion.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show15/02/19

    Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries reiterated again this week the need for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela and their policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of that nation.

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  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show08/02/19

    CARICOM, Mexico and Uruguay establish Montevideo Mechanism to address situation in Venezuela.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show01/02/19

    Caribbean leaders slam the Trump administration for interfering in Venezuela’s affairs.

  • RHC's scientific and medical review20/05/19

    The 20th Meeting of the Technical Coordination Body (OCTA) of the Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean began sessions Monday, May 20th, at the Meliá Marina Varadero Hotel, in the province of Matanzas, with the presence of executives from the 21 member states of the Regional Cooperation Agreement.

  • RHC's scientific and medical review07/05/19

    President-elect of El Salvador Nayib Bukele said that upon assuming the country’s presidency on June 1st, he will resume the Operation Miracle program with Cuba’s assistance.

  • RHC's scientific and medical review22/04/19

    Efforts continue to secure the release of two Cuban health professionals, who were abducted in Kenya on April 12 last.

  • RHC's scientific and medical review08/04/19

    A medical brigade from Cuba’s Henry Reeve Contingent, specialized in disaster situations and serious epidemics, is currently in Mozambique, assisting victims of Hurricane Idai.

  • RHC's scientific and medical review11/02/19

    Havana will host the 1st International Symposium on Quality of Health Cuba-2019, set for March 27th through the 29th, organized by the Cuban Health Ministry and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO).

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  • RHC's every other weekly program Focus on Africa14/05/19

    Today we'll bring you the address of a leader of the South African Communist Party, delivered here in Havana at a meeting of solidarity activists following the huge march on May 1st, International Workers' Day.

  • RHC's every other weekly program Focus on Africa16/04/19

    Today on FOCUS ON AFRICA, we have some news for you from the continent and we have some great African music, too... right here on Radio Havana Cuba.

  • RHC's every other weekly program Focus on Africa18/02/19

    The 32nd Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly was held recently in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. A number of resolutions were introduced during the summit meeting of the 55-member body of the African Union (AU). Among them, the proposal of a global conference to take place later this year to try to resolve the conflict in Libya with the aim of holding elections in October.

  • RHC's segment on literature 'From the Bookshelf'14/02/19

    Today we are continuing to present excerpts from Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation, and Revolution, 1868-1898 by Ada Ferrer and published by The University of North Carolina Press in 1999.



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