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The Cuban People Demand Justice

Cuba has suffered for decades the consequences of terrorist acts organized, financed and carried out from the United States, with a toll of 3,478 dead and 2099 disabled.

Luis Posada Carriles is one of the terrorists protected by Washington, a criminal who holds, with full impunity, a large file for acts of violence against the Cuban people; however, Mr. Posada Carriles lives peacefully in the United States and continues to enjoy the support of the reactionary press of Miami.

Nothing disturbs the sleep of the man who was for more than 25 years an agent of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and mastermind of the bombing of a Cuban airliner on October 6th, 1976, killing all 73 people on board.

Thirty-seven years have passed since that horrific crime that caused the death of all Cuba’s junior fencing team and 11 young Guyanese students traveling to Havana to study medicine.

Posada Carriles, who along with his accomplice Orlando Bosh, managed to escape from a prison in Venezuela, has never been tried for his countless list of crimes against the Cuban people, which includes the series of hotel bombings in Havana in 1997.

The United States has always tried to hide its close ties to such a terrorist. Let’s not forget that Posada Carriles is closely linked to the Bush family, primarily George Bush, Sr, who was CIA director and president of that nation.

Then under President Bush Jr., who said he was carrying out a war against terrorism, held the judicial farce to process Carriles for lying to immigration officials about his illegal entry into the U.S. in 2005.

The judicial show and his release was an insult to the Cuban people that still cry out for justice for the victims of the crime in Barbados, a fact for which Venezuela has requested the extradition of Posada Carriles, a request which has not been answered by Washington.

But it is also an insult to the people of the United States, and an emphatic denial to the alleged war on terrorism declared by the White House.

37 years since the crime of Barbados, Posada Carriles continues enjoying a safe haven in the U.S. city of Miami, where the trial took place against five Cubans detained in 1998 for trying to prevent these criminal actions, and four of them continue today in unjust imprisonment in U.S. jails, the country of wars and massive human rights violations in the world.

Edited by Eduardo González
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