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Will Obama Change His Policy Towards Cuba?

Oct 11, -- Although the day when the United States lifts the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba is still far away, a cornerstone of its policy toward the Island, and a "normalization" of relations between both countries, our country should promptly be prepared for that scenario.

Our history has forced us to have more experience and ability to respond to the United States' aggressive policies, rather than a policy that seeks to achieve the same goals by way of a proper coexistence, and a cultural, economic and political exchange between the two companies, without any restriction.

It is not difficult to see that this is already an inexorable path, and that the future battle of the United States against Cuba will be in the ideological and cultural fields --understanding culture in its broadest sense, especially as regards the customs, values, lifestyles and mentalities-- not only in the economic sense.

 When we talk of preparing quickly for a hypothetical situation like that one, it is because every day U.S. society feels an overwhelming consensus for a profound change, --but not always in its essence-- regarding US policy toward Cuba, as all measures and ways used for more than 50 years have not yielded the expected results. On the contrary, have been counterproductive, and today, they affect the very same national interests of the United States.

 Also within the U.S. the claims of various think tanks have increased. The industries of agriculture, agribusiness and oil, the travel industry, the Chamber of Commerce, as well as religious leaders, members of Congress and civil society in general are all demanding the relaxation of trade regulations and the elimination of travel bans. Even former U.S. presidents like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have spoken out against the blockade. But even before Barack Obama became president, in 2004, people spoke out against the blockade against Cuba, saying it had failed to raise living standards but had squeezed the people. Many emphasize that it is long past time to admit that that particular policy had failed.

The core is that now within the own circles of power in Washington many agree with the view that Washington's aggressive policy against Cuba has only obtained is that the ability to influence the Island is increasingly limited, that American companies and businesses lose significant opportunities in the Cuban market against foreign competitors. Far from isolating Cuba from Latin America and the world, it is now the United States that has been isolated in its policy, increasing its diplomatic disagreements, not only with the countries of the region, but also with some of its key allies in the rest of the world.


Edited by Juan Leandro
Charles Kaltwasser say:

The US Government fight against "communism," has now turned into a fight promoting "medievalism." Recently I conversed with an american female around 30 years old in Hamtramck, Michigan and she confessed to believing that the Sun rotated around the Earth. Medieval concepts such as that were popular over 500 years ago but thank to Washington's equally medieval fight against Cuba, the feedback is there for all to see.

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