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Mexico: A huge clandestine cemetery

The protracted and useless war against drug traffickers, imposed on Mexico by the United States and accepted by Mexico’s neo-liberal administrations, has led to a security crisis and has turned the country into a huge mass grave, according to high officials of the Mexican Government.

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador recently said at a press conference that the situation “is the consequence of a new failed policy, inhumane and corrupt, that cannot be reimposed on the country.”   The Mexican head of state disclosed that at least one million people have been affected by this conflict,  including dead, missing, wounded and displaced.   And the Mexican president pledged to never again use force to deal with security problems.

Under his administration, Mexican President Felipe Calderón yielded to Washington’s pressures to turn Mexico into a giant wall to stop the flow of drugs.  In return, Calderon received financial and military aid from Washington.   The result was an undeclared internal war that faced the Mexican Government on one side, and the drug mafias on the other, although the mafias turned on each other, leading to a huge carnage, of which the innocent civilian population was the main victim.

Mexico has become a huge clandestine cemetery, according to statements by the Under Secretary for Human Rights in the Mexican Ministry for Internal Affairs Alejandro Encinas, who said that not less than forty thousand persons disappeared over the past few years alone.  The official promised that this Mexican Administration will continue searching for victims, who include a large amount of young people, between seventeen and twenty nine years of age, as well as a large number of Central American migrants trying to reach the U.S. border with Mexico.

According to this Mexican official, the roads leading from south to north through Mexico are lined with graves of Central American migrants who died en route, most of them due to violence.  And he added that all official efforts to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking have failed. 


With respect to drugs, Mexican officials recall that the United States is the largest drug market in the world, and hundreds of thousands of addicts keep strong pressure on the drug mafias to supply them to a flourishing market in which traffickers, politicians and the police are closely involved.

Experts note that there is viable way to stop this carnage that has cost the lives of tens of thousands.   Stop the supply and the consumption will collapse on its own.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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