The Non-Aligned Movement against Washington's blockade of Cuba

Cuba, the only nation in this Hemisphere that took part in the creation of the Movement of Non Aligned Nations back in 1961, and on two occasions has been its president, will be represented by President Miguel Diaz-Canel in its Eighteenth Summit Conference which will open this week in Baku, the capital city of the Asian nation of Azerbaijan.

Only twenty five nations were represented at the birth of this Movement, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Today, the Non Aligned Movement counts a membership of one hundred and twenty nations, plus another fifteen countries as observers.

The previous Summit was held three years ago on the Venezuelan island of Margarita.

This meeting, on October 25 and 26, will open just a few days before the General Assembly of the United Nations will examine, for the 28th consecutive year a draft resolution presented by Cuba which demands the immediate end of the criminal US blockade against the Caribbean nation.

The Non Aligned Movement, along its fifty eight years of life, has consistently condemned the US blockade against Cuba and has also proclaimed its solidarity with the people of Palestine and for the inalienable right of Puerto Rico to be free and independent.

Venezuela, which will end this week its mandate as Chairman of the Non Aligned Movement, has just received a very significant support from the international community in being elected to a three year period as member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Venezuela's election was completed despite desperate efforts by Washington to prevent it.

Cuba, a country that was a founder of the Non Aligned Movement and has hosted two of its Summit Conferences, receives this opportunity to boost its campaign against the criminal and illegal US blockade against the Island, at a time when Washington strengthens its persecution against this shining Caribbean nation.


Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi


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