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Millions around the world thank Cuba, despite anti-Cuba media campaign

It was to be expected that the de facto government of Bolivia should join in the lies that Washington is attempting to sell to the world public opinion about the Cuban medical personnel that brings its aid, full of solidarity, to other nations.

In fact, Washington's slanderous campaign has irritated millions of people all over the world who have received from those doctors, nurses and technicians an efficient, loving service and care.

Now, the servile Bolivian authorities are attempting to have the world ignore the high technical and spiritual qualities adorning the Cuban medical personnel that for several years provided total, cost free, service and care to the most vulnerable sectors of that Andean nation.

Cuba decided in November last to withdraw its medical technicians from Bolivia following the violence generated by the coup that deposed last November the constitutional government of president Evo Morales and by the arbitrary detention in La Paz of four Cuban doctors who had just withdrawn funds from a bank to pay for the maintenance and daily expenses of the medical brigade of one hundred and seven members.

Incredibly enough, the self proclaimed Bolivian president, Mrs. Jeanine Añez, claimed that most of the members of the Cuban health brigade were not physicians.

In so claiming, she followed the line set by the us state department, supporting the thesis that the Cubans were instigators of violence against the government.

But those lies do no support themselves. Please note that millions of Bolivians, for over ten years, were the beneficiaries of first class medical assistance by successive Cuban medical brigades, composed of highly experienced doctors and technicians.

In fact, the Cuban doctors worked in far away communities, whose inhabitants had never enjoyed medical care and began to receive it for the first time in their lives.

Their dramatic situation changed after the installation of president Evo Morales in office in twenty o six and the arrival in Bolivia of highly trained Cuban medical personnel who spread first class assistance to the local people for the first time in their lives.

The Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez declared that every month in today's Bolivia is expressed in almost five hundred women who lack specialized attention in the delivery of their children, in hundreds and hundreds of highly needed surgical operations that are not performed and in the stoppage of the thirteen hundred eye monthly surgeries by the Cuban doctors, not to speak about the intensive care units that have been closed due to their absence.

The Bolivian democracy enemies have joined the slander campaign conducted by Washington and the illegal Ecuadorean government against Cuba.

But they are absolutely alone in spreading those lies. The peoples of Bolivia and Ecuador are missing the loving care and attention dispensed by the Cuban medical personnel and condemn the Washington sponsored actions against Cuba, a nation as they recall, that is an example of dignity, resistance, who has spread health and human survival around the world through its profoundly human doctors, nurses and technical personnel and in doing so setting standards of decency, dignity and resistance.

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
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