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UNESCO praises Cuba's educational system

Once again, UNESCO -- the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -- has praised Cuba’s excellent contribution to education and places the island among the most developed nations, despite the U.S. blockade againsst the island.

In its Global Education Monitoring 2020 report, UNESCO highlights the policy of the island directed to guarantee a quality and inclusive treatment for all the educational levels.

One of the main achievements is the one hundred percent enrollment of pre-school stage and ​​initiatives like "Educate Your Child" program, which at first offered an alternative to children from rural and mountainous areas, but has currently reached a national scope for children up to six years old that don’t attend day care centers.

The family is considered the primary actor in this program, and its role as a basic unit of society is reinforced.  It also shows a multidisciplinary nature, since many representatives from the educational, cultural, health and sports sectors collaborate with this idea.

Although the International organization uses a non-institutional way, it’s supported by the government and organizations like the Federation of Cuban Women and the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

This is not the first time that UNESCO acknowledges Cuba's progress in education, which has been set as an example for the world to follow.

Special education developments have also been recognized, and today there are more than 300 centers with highly qualified personnel to assist children and young people with learning difficulties.

Cuba is the only nation in Latin America and the Caribbean that achieves the Education for All program goals, established from 2000 to 2015, which comprised gender equality, the assurance that young people and adults have equal access to learning and making primary education a universal phase.

A high quality education -- free and accessible to everyone -- has been the Cuban principle, investing three times more of its Gross Domestic Product than most rich countries around the world.  In Cuba, education is a priority for all of its citizens, young and old alike.


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