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Venezuela: Food Within Reach of Everyone

Oct 18, -- The social inclusion policy of the Venezuelan government, aimed at the majority of the population, sees access to food as a right of all citizens.

The experience of the 2002 coup and the oil strike was negative on the consumption levels of Venezuelans, and it took initiative to ensure the supply of basic commodities to everybody.

According to the Minister of Food, Félix Osorio, 1 in 5 Venezuelans suffered from hunger before 1999. The situation began to change with the coming to power of Commander Hugo Chavez.

At the end of 2012, the country had 23,000 establishments of various types dedicated to the marketing of basic products at fair prices and supplying 6000 homes, community kitchens and popular canteens.

Food minister Osorio has recently pointed to the MERCAL Workman initiative that has already assisted about 200 thousand people, in bringing food to the workers themselves.

Meanwhile experts from the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) declared that statistics on food availability in Venezuela attest to the work done in the last 14 years.

Also, the mortality rate for child malnutrition decreased in 81%, during the same period. This is one of the parameters considered by the UN Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) in declaring that Venezuela enjoys a full food security status.

The director of the Institute of Nutrition, Marilyn Di Luca, said that as a result of its public policy in this sector, the state will eradicate hunger in Venezuela before 2015. By way of comparison, the executive recalled that the rate was 11% in 1990, with about 5 million people suffering from hunger as a result of neoliberal policies but it decreased to 2% in 2010.

The figures from the Central Bank of Venezuela show that social investment from 1998 to 2012 was 551 billion dollars, equivalent to 62.6% of total revenues of the country.

Venezuela’s Bolivarian government’s sustained strategy sees that food, previously an object of business, is now a right of all the people.

Edited by Juan Leandro
Ben Witz say:

Exactly. Food, shelter, and access to basic health care should not be left to the whims of capitalists that care about nothing but extracting as many dollars (pesos) as possible!

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