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Guantanamo Must be Returned to Cuba

Nov 20, -- Peace activists and world personalities gathered this week in the eastern Cuban city of Guantanamo, where the United States has illegally maintained a military base for more than a century now, to participate at the 3rd International Seminar for Peace and the closing of foreign military bases.

Some of the personalities included the president of the World Peace Council, Maria Socorro Gomez; the president of the Cuban Movement for Peace and the Solidarity of the Peoples, Silvio Platero, and former US attorney General Ramsey Clark, who received, during the event,the Cuban Friendship Medal in recognition for his solidarity with the island.

The Seminar, opened November 18th with a poster exhibition for peace and against war, by the Cuban Communicators Association, inspired in the statements and reflections of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on the current dangers threatening humanity.

The establishment of foreign military bases in the territories of other countries against their will, is a violation of national sovereignty and is part of the imperialism's economic and political strategy to promote and guarantee its interests. The military bases work as centers for fast deployment of forces, and training; they are also logistics facilities, observation points and espionage centers, and they cause irreparable ecological damage due to their use of non-conventional bacteriological, and even nuclear weapons, according to a statement by the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Fighters in Defense of Humanity.

Defending peace is protecting life and the future of humankind, heir of the historic antifascist movement of Europe while under war years ago, said the Network, which was born in 2003 in one of the most dangerous moments of the warmongering escalation of the former George W. Bush administration.

Since those days, intellectuals, artists and social fighters have mobilized against the imperial destabilizing or interventionist attempts in different parts of the world, against the coups staged in Honduras and Paraguay, and the coup attempt in Ecuador, and in support of Palestine and Venezuela.

During the final session of the forum in Guantanamo the president of the Cuban History Institute, Colonel Rene Gonzalez Barrios, launched his book “A USS Main stopped in Time,” which tells about the illegal US military base in that Cuban territory.

Important enough was the tour by participants of the town of Caimanera, 21 kilometers South of the city, where the US base has been operating since 1903. They learned about what is everyday life like in that town, with little over 10 thousand inhabitants.

The forum made it clear once again that military bases only constitute a flagrant violation of sovereignty, so in defense of peace it is a must to expose US military operations and intervention plans, which are camouflaged under euphemisms such as “the fight on terror” or the “fight on drugs,” or the so-called “peace keeping forces” or other terms being used by the United States to intervene in other countries.

This is also the objective of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Fighters in defense of Humanity, which joined so many activists from around the world in Guantanamo to demand the closing of all foreign military bases and all infrastructure set up to launch intervention wars against other nations.

For over 100 years now, the United States has illegally occupied the territory of Guantanamo against the will of the Cuban people, we are talking about a 117-square kilometer zone, which includes a concentration camp where detainees have been submitted to torture and the violation of their basic human rights.

Once again women and men of good came together in Cuba to denounce the imperial disrespect for the rights of other nations and against its attempts to keep its world supremacy.

Edited by Juan Leandro
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