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Washington Set up a Trap to Keep Puerto Ricans under Colonial Domination

Nov 22, -- Since 1971, the UN Decolonization Committee has repeatedly considered the colonial status of Puerto Rico, the only US colony in this part of the world, whose territory has been used as a military base for intervention in other countries of the region.

Although Puertoricans have staged and won victories like the case of Vieques, an isle used for US military practices, which left serious damage on the people and the environment, the independence of that sister Caribbean country, is still a dream to come true.

In a recent article Wilma E. Reverón Collazo, co-president of the Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano of Puerto Rico recalled that on November 27, 1953 the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 748 with 26 votes in favor, 16 against and 18 abstentions, thus discharging all obligations from the United states to present reports on Puerto Rico and this way the Caribbean nation was withdrawn from the list of non-independent territories.

The United States assumed the compromise to keep contributing to the political, economic and social development of Puerto Rico and to favor the full autonomy of the country and in the end its independence.

Republican Senator Henry Cabot Lodge once said that he was authorized to speak of behalf of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and say that if the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico approved a resolution in favor of full or absolute independence, he –the president-- would immediately recommend the US Congress the concession of such independence, Collazo recalled in her article.

However, Puerto Rico, under the so-called commonwealth status, keeps under US domination. Puerto Ricans are considered US citizens with American passports, their Spanish language continues to bear the English imprint, while they cannot decide their future. Pro imperialist individuals at the Puerto Rican government have even dared say that Puerto Rico is not a nation, in their interests to annex the island to the United States.

According to former judge Jose Trias Monge, who chaired the Puerto Rican Supreme Court, what the United States did at the UN in 1953 was setting up a trap to Puerto Ricans. Contrary to what they said at the UN, they claimed jurisdiction over the island.

Sixty years after resolution 748 was adopted, the UN Decolonization Committee continues to consider the case of Puerto Rico and listens to the petitions issued since 1971, while it has adopted 32 resolutions related to the colonial status of Puerto Rico demanding the re-examination of the case by the General Assembly based on the resolutions approved and on the current international law.

Cuban National Hero Jose Marti once said that Puerto Rico and Cuba were like the two wings of the same bird, you just have to consider the similarities of their national flags, of their culture and their people, and of course their history. Cubans, who know both, the value and the cost of independence very well, support the struggle of Puerto Ricans for self-determination and the elimination of the obsolete colonial rule of the sister Caribbean nation.

Edited by Juan Leandro
David Wade, Ph.D. say:

The mindset of the US ruling class is very strange. If they can't possess and enslave it totally, they want to destroy it. Puerto Rico has so far acquiesced and avoided destruction. Hopefully, someday Puerto Rico will be free. I was glad to read that Cuba recently staged self defense exercises because the Empire is constantly looking for opportunities to launch wars and to possess its neighbors.

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