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Bolivia now has its own Satellite Too!

Talking about a Bolivian telecommunications satellite was perhaps a cause for laughter for some in the past. But the fact is that Bolivia, a country considered one of the poorest in South America, has high political instability inherited from past military regimes and coups. But Bolivia is no longer the same country.

The Latin American nation has advanced in several fields thanks to the policies laid down by President Evo Morales since he was elected to power in 2006. The first indigenous Bolivian president devoted himself to changing the image of his country and to taking it to a distinguished position in the group of Latin American nations.

At present, every Bolivia citizen can proudly say that her or his country now has the Tupac Katari satellite, which will be launched into orbit December 20 from China. The satellite will undoubtedly bring about a revolution in Bolivian telecommunications. 

The Bolivian Telecommunications Company, ENTEL, is currently implementing several projects related to the new satellite in an effort to provide mobile telephone services, digital television and internet to citizens living far from urban areas.

In Bolivia there are huge zones of silence, where communication levels are null, a problem that will be solved once the satellite is operational. The initiative will also contribute to improve health and education in rural areas through educational and health-related television programs.

The Tupac Katari satellite will be launched into orbit at a height of 36 thousand kilometers over the Equator and it will allow saving Bolivia up to 25 million dollars a year, such funds will be invested in scientific and technological development projects.

With this achievement, Bolivia has joined Venezuela, which has had its own satellite named after Simon Bolivar since 2008 thanks to a project conceived by Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan satellite stood for a significant step forwards in technological advancement and sovereignty in the South American country.

The Simon Bolivar satellite has benefitted over 4 million Venezuelans, while its services are also being used by other nations, thus contributing to regional integration.

Today, Bolivia is also giving an important technological step to be part of the space era and bring benefits to those settlements in the country that were in the shadows of silence. The country is also ensuring its sovereignty in the field of telecommunications.

Edited by Juan Leandro
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