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Macri's Waves of Change for Argentina

The conservative Argentine President elect, Mauricio Macri, is already attempting to dilute the social advances achieved after twelve years of Nestor Kircher-Cristina Fernandez governments , although he claims to be in favor of those in need of help.

The President elect of Argentina won the electoral contest by a narrow margin, and is now declaring that revamping the economy is his first priority.

Macri claims that the nation’s economy has been destroyed and has called on the traditional Argentine press, claiming –with the support of the extreme right wing— that the outgoing government has altered the economic statistics.

The rightist electoral campaign propaganda insisted once and again on the existence of another Argentina hidden by official numbers. The winning candidate claimed that foreign exchange reserves are nil, and that unemployment and inflation are rampant.

Judging by that prejudiced point of view, neither of the two presidential terms of Cristina Fernandez nor the one by her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, would show any positive result.

One more reason to make a one hundred and eighty degree about turn to the economy, embrace neoliberalism although without resorting to an abrupt shock therapy measure.

The President elect does not want to give the opposition arguments on a silver platter to question official policies, although it seems difficult that the actions proposed by the incoming administration will not lead to such.

It will be difficult for the new government to avoid severe criticism if it closes deals with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, linked in the past to ruinous arrangements that severely damaged the Argentine economy.

The new Government may expect strong criticism if it reduces public expenditures to fiscal inputs.

And this may well occur, since the winning candidate’s electoral campaign severely criticized the economic subsidies used to upkeep the level of economic incomes in favor of the population.

To underscore his support of the market, the winning presidential candidate said he will work to recover the dynamics of the Common Market of the South, and would try to link it with the so-called Pacific Alliance, a regional economic coalition promoted by the United States.

The incoming Argentine President will also promote the Free Trade agreements with the European Union and restore the close links with the United States.

However, the Argentine President elect has refused to say if he would put an end to the valiant sovereign attitude of the still President, Mrs. Cristina Fernandez, defending the national interests in face of the voracious Vulture funds.

The economic strategy of President Elect Macri is a source of concern for almost half of the nation that voted for the continuation of the current economic policies,, because to many economic experts the policies of the winner spell salary reductions, the closing of work centers and a crisis for the nation’s state owned oil Company, Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales.

It just so happens that the much ballyhooed Change of Epoch Macri’s style, will demand, besides releasing tens of thousands of balloons, a strong belt tightening for all Argentineans.

Edited by Ivan Martínez
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