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Cubans Have Enough Reasons to Celebrate

Cubans celebrate the 55th anniversary of their Revolution on January 1 as they advance the social project they chose that same day in 1959 and this while involved in a progressive update of their country's socio-economic model.

Socialism will continue to develop in Cuba, in a prosperous and sustainable manner, as stipulated by the social and economic guidelines adopted by the Cuban Communist Party, which guide the ongoing changes on the island.

We are witnessing a new historic stage in the Cuban revolutionary process, which has been supported by the unity of this nation and by the resistance of its people to the hostility of successive US administrations.

Having got this far has not been easy. Cuba has withstood the longest blockade ever imposed on a country. A war-time siege that bans the island access to investment, credit lines, technology, food and even medications. However, the Americans insist in calling their economic, financial, commercial and psychological war of Cuba an embargo, a term repeated now and then by US officials and media outlets to conceal its criminal nature.

Cubans have paid a high price for freedom and for self-determination: over 3 thousand citizens have been killed by terrorist attacks designed and launched from the US, which left a similar number of Cubans wounded or mutilated.

Armed raids, sabotages, life attempts against the leaders of the revolution, biological warfare, subversive plans and actions to internationally isolate the island have all been part of the US's anti-Cuba policy.

However, all these criminal actions were not enough to change the direction of the Cuban social and political system, which has turned former army barracks and police stations into schools for the children, implemented a radical agrarian reform that has given land to  farmers and nationalized vital economic sectors previously in the hands of the interests of capital.
Cuba has recorded important achievements over the past years, which are at the center of the life of the people.

In 2013, Cuba reported the lowest infant and mother mortality rates ever in its history. This was the achievement of the island's health system whose coverage is universal for all citizens and even benefits the nationals of other countries.

Cuba ranks among the 50 countries of the world with the largest number of people over 60 years of age, which is considered a result of the social policies of the state and its guarantee of citizen’s human rights.

Many UN Millennium Development Goals have already been met by Cuba.

The United Nations Education and Culture Organization (UNESCO) has placed Cuba in the 14th. place due to its high development of the Education for All program. 

The Cuban economy is based on the country's human capital, which includes professionals in fields like education and health and many others which have made their area of services a major income source for the nation.
The ongoing transformations support the socialist companies as the cornerstones of the economic system, and at the same time they offer room for other production scenarios, including cooperatives and private workers.

Over 400 thousand private workers have their social security guaranteed, unlike other countries where many private sector workers have no access to such benefit.

The update of the country's migration policy, the new labor code, the setting up of the Mariel Special Development Zone, the lease of lands in usufruct, are some of the actions currently transforming the Cuban economy.

According to Cuban authorities the next two years will be crucial for the economic update following the consolidation of ongoing experiments and the implementation of new projects, including the unification of the double currency in force in Cuba.

Clearly, all Cubans on the island have reasons enough to celebrate the coming of a new year and with it another anniversary of the revolutionary process, and there is every reason to throw parties at work centers, homes and in the communities expressing their joy for living in this country at this time of history.
Edited by Juan Leandro
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