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A revolution based in science and solidarity

As the world confronts the new coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, it is a moment to appreciate the Cuban Revolution, which possesses qualities needed at this time, ... More

Cuba's contribution to the fight against Covid-19

“The best medicine is the one that prevents us from being ill”, expressed Jose Martí, the Cuban independence hero, more than a century ago, and this convic... More

Trump violates the right of Cuban-Americans to travel

"If the President of the United States, Donald Trump, traveled to Vietnam, why aren’t we able to visit our family? So asked on the social media an appare... More

As part of its anti-Cuba drive, the US encouraged illegal migration of Cubans into the United States
Economic crisis and emigration

The economic crisis of the early 1990s in Cuba, resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist bloc, provoked another wave of emigration by t... More

Washington's poisonous coronavirus politics must end

By stoking pernicious anti-Chinese sentiments, instead of focusing on fighting the epidemic in their own country, some U.S. rumormongers only encourage fear, di... More

Cuba adopts measures to reduce risk of infection by coronavirus

An important stage on the confrontation of the new coronavirus that affects the world begins in Cuba with the encouragement of the workers organizations to hold... More

The Mariel boat lift of 1980 heralded an emigration with other characteristics, contributing to the social and ideological diversity of the Cuban émigré communi
Cuban emigration of the 1980s

Between 1959 and 2010, some 1,539,650 persons emigrated from Cuba, representing approximately 8% of the Cuban population. Some 80% of the emigrants settled in ... More

Revolution, counterrevolution, and emigration

It was not absolutely necessary for the United States of America to confront and attempt to destroy the triumphant Cuban Revolution in 1959. An alternative road... More

The great financial power of the Maras

People may have the widespread conception of the Maras, the fearsome youth gangs, as groups of violent and socially maladjusted young people who extort and inst... More

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