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Venezuela: Food Within Reach of Everyone

Oct 18, -- The social inclusion policy of the Venezuelan government, aimed at the majority of the population, sees access to food as a right of all citizens.... More

Cuban Physicians to Improve Health in Brazil

Oct 12, -- Thousands of Cuban doctors star in an epic of solidarity every day in the world. Whether in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the work of these health p... More

Will Obama Change His Policy Towards Cuba?

Oct 11, -- Although the day when the United States lifts the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba is still far away, a cornerstone of its po... More

Che's Ideals and Example are Present in Today's Struggle for Freedom

Oct 8, -- You can shoot me, don't be afraid! Ernesto Che Guevara said in his firm and serene words to Bolivian non-commissioned officer Mario Teran who, after r... More

US Blockade: A Cruel and Inhuman Policy

Oct 7, -- The speeches and discussions of the leaders present at the highest level of 68th regular session of the UN General Assembly had a recurring theme, the... More

The Cuban People Demand Justice

Cuba has suffered for decades the consequences of terrorist acts organized, financed and carried out from the United States, with a toll of 3,478 dead and 2099 ... More

The CIA and the Not So Secret War Against Venezuela

Oct 4, -- The expulsion by President Nicolas Maduro of the head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Venezuela, Kelly Keiderling Franz and two of her employees are... More

Latin America and the Caribbean Reduced Their Hunger Index

Oct 3, -- There are hundreds of millions of hungry people in the world, despite the nation's commitment to the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nation... More

Cuba Works Against Soil Erosion

Oct 2, -- Soil degradation due to both natural causes and human activity, with the inevitable loss of fertility and food production is a danger which now affect... More

Cuba and the IAEA: Working Together For Peoples’ Welfare

Founding member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, Cuba maintains excellent links with that agency that result in fruitful cooperation projects in... More

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