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Cuba has initiated the first phase of its recovery stage in 13 provinces.
Cuban containment of Covid-19

Cuba has been able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has initiated the first phase of the stage of recuperation in thirteen of the nation’s fifteen pro... More

The Americas in turmoil

The future of our planet seems quite gloomy.  Worldwide, there are more than eight million 300 thousand people infected with COVID-19 -- almost half of them co... More

Mission accomplished: A Henry Reeve brigade arrives from Italy
The Nobel Peace Prize campaign for Cuban medical brigades

An international campaign is underway in support of the nomination of the Cuban Henry Reeve medical brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize... More

Over 3 000 health professionals, members of Cuba's Henry Reeve International Brigade, are currently on the front lines against Covid-19 in 28 nations worldwide
Caribbean among countries unfairly targeted by US Senators over Cuba

Three US Senators, who have done little to advance the interests of the Caribbean and with whom requests for meetings by many Caribbean ambassadors are usually ... More

The headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations, New York City
Reflections on the post-pandemic world

Richard Haass recently published in Foreign Affairs an article entitled, “The Pandemic Will Accelerate History Rather Than Reshape It.” Haass is President o... More

The youth of the late 1960s proclaimed “power to the people”
The possible and necessary road for the US Left

We need first to understand that the United States of America is not a democratic society. It is a political-economic-ideological system with a democratic faça... More

Cuban science at the service of the people's health

Cuban science has played a fundamental role in the confrontation of COVID-19.  Remarkable international results have been achieved, creating a favorable scenar... More

In the 1980s, Jesse Jackson proposed a Rainbow Coalition
Can we retake the project of Malcolm, Martin, and Jesse?

From 1930 to 1965, the African-American movement, through mass action campaigns in the North and South, compelled the federal government to take decisive action... More

“The barefoot people of the world are rising up; we must support these revolutions” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Slavery in the U.S. South functioned to provide cheap labor for the production of cotton; and the post-slavery system of low-waged tenant farming and sharecropp... More

A horrible crime

At a time when protests against violence and racism increase around the world, a horrendous crime motivated by discrimination has taken place in Guatemala, also... More

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