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A repugnant and disgusting article

The Spanish edition of The New York Times has just published a repugnant article suggesting that the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela uses the widely availabl... More

Failed Summit

The second summit between the Presidents of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un, and the United States, Donald Trump, concluded with no surpr... More

The military option against Venezuela apparently weakens

Several instances, including the so called Lima Group, a gathering that follows Washington's indications, have reversed their stand for a military intervention ... More

Juan Guaido: A traitor to his people

The self-proclaimed “Provisional President of Venezuela,” Juan Guaidó, is an expert in dangerous actions, who -- in pursuit of his unending ambition -- wil... More

Remember Lybia!
Libya: Eight years of hell on Earth

Eight years have passed since the beginning of revolts in Libya, instigated from abroad to overthrow Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.  It opened a bloody conflict in t... More

Ultra-right political forces active in Spain

Following his defeat in Parliament, which rejected his national budget proposal, Spanish President Pedro Sánchez had no recourse other than convening gen... More

U.S.-sponsored conference in Poland targets Iran

An international conference was held in Poland, convened by the United States, with the alleged aim of bringing peace and stability to the Middle East, an area ... More

Pedro Sanchez
Spain recognizes "Made in the USA President" of Venezuela

When the president of the defunct Venezuelan National Assembly Juan Guaidó declared himself the “Provisional President of Venezuela” -- even though no one ... More

The Making of Venezuela's “president” Juan Guaidó

In November 2005, a group of Venezuelan young people traveled to Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  They were sponsored by the Center for Strategies and the Applicat... More

Is Donald Trump looking for a war in Latin America?

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has reaffirmed that he will withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan but not from Iraq, and reinforced ... More

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