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Cuban workers en masse approach the Plaza of the Revolution on May 1, 2019; this year, “My plaza is my house.”
May Day in Cuba

“The tens of thousands of scientists and doctors that our country has were educated to save lives. This is the pride of our doctors, and our research centers.... More

Covid-19 calls the world to socialism

Many analysts of the Left see the Covid-19 pandemic as demonstrating the failure of neoliberalism as a societal model.... More

No, no, no... not over your eyes!!
The reality Bolsonaro refuses to see

Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro, after one year and four months in the presidency, is having a hard time seeing that he may be approaching the end of... More

The Left must seize the moment with a comprehensive proposal for people’s socialism

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates the inadequacy of the national health care systems of the world as well as the insufficient voice of scientists in influencin... More

Covid-19 exposes the structural crisis of the world-system

We are in a historic moment defined by a sustained structural crisis of the world-system, whose symptoms began to be expressed in the 1970s; and impacted by the... More

UNICEF fights to protect children from COVID-19 and poverty

The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, has requested extra support to assist millions of children living in the Middle East and North Africa, affected by t... More

Cuba increases the number of diagnostic tests for COVID-19

As part of the strategy to confront COVID-19, Cuba has increased the number of diagnostic tests.  In the country, nearly two thousand samples are being analyze... More

The unscrupulous scapegoater of America

Few expected Washington to face up squarely to the deficiencies in the U.S. federal response to COVID-19, but fewer imagined that it would be so desperate in sc... More

Henry Kissinger was secretary of state and national security adviser in the Nixon and Ford administrations.
Kissinger on the coronavirus pandemic

In an article in the Wall Street Journal on April 3, Henry Kissinger asserts that “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order,” and that th... More

Allow no Cold War thinking in COVID-19 vaccine development

The United States has some of the world's most innovative scientists. Yet their ability to imagine can be easily outshined when some Washington politicians scra... More

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