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Covid-19: Cuban science searches for an interim general vaccine

The Cuban evening news television/radio program La Mesa Redonda of April 13 was dedicated to the theme of the battle of Cuban science against Covid-19, includin... More

Africa, COVID-19 and migration 

The COVID-19 pandemic is now present in most countries of Africa, where there are more than 16,500 infected people and nearly 900 deaths.... More

Yemen: Caught between two fronts

The United Nations warns that Yemen could soon be placed in between two fronts -- war and a pandemic -- a situation overwhelmingly uncertain for the Yemeni peop... More

Covid-19: Lessons from Cuba

In the battle against Covid-19, Cuba has important lessons to teach the world.... More

Game of Thrones in the U.S. Empire

U.S. President Donald Trump and the governor of the influential state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, have been arguing over the eventual re-opening of the American ... More

Washington's WHO funding freeze ill-timed, irresponsible

Washington is not only trying to shirk its responsibility, but also seeks to undermine the WHO's irreplaceable role in coordinating global efforts to combat the... More

The people overwhelmingly support the anti-Covid 19 measures, and the government exhorts the slackers to get on board.
Discipline and compliance are the Cuban Covid-19 vaccine, for now

On the evening television/radio news program La Mesa Redonda on April 10, Dr. Rolando Pérez Rodríguez, Director of Science and Innovation of BioCubaFarma, and... More

Cuban research in vanguard of fight against coronavirus.
Cuban science races for Covid-19 vaccine

Hundreds of Cuban scientists from many research centers, institutions, and university faculty departments are racing against the clock, working to save lives be... More

Trump deports 10,000 migrants for their own good

In the midst of the critical epidemiological situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. President Donald Trump is doing something that he has wanted to do... More

Covid-19, W.H.O., China and Trump

Donald Trump has criticized the World Health Organization for not seeing the Clovid-19 pandemic.... More

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