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Dxers Unlimited middle of the week edition for March 29

Assembling radios and accessories from kits of parts is making a nice comeback, and this is good news… The days of vacuum tubes kits are over of course, but ... More

Dxers Unlimited middle of the week edition for March 27

Hi amigos radioaficionados... listening via short wave and also by means of our streaming audio from I am your host Arnie Coro, radio amateur ... More

US Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court Halts Obama's Coal Plant Rules in Blow to Paris Accord

In a blow to the Barack Obama administration's efforts to combat climate change, the U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily blocked regulations to limit emissions f... More

Brazil Hopes to Develop Zika Vaccine Within a Year

Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Castro said Thursday that his country is hopeful it can develop a vaccine for the Zika virus faster than is typically required... More

Dxers Unlimited mid-week edition for 17 November 2015

By Arnie Coro, radio amateur CO2KK Hi amigos radioaficionados all around the world , now listening to this middle of the week edition of your favorite radio ... More

Scientists Predict Impact of Space Junk with Planet Earth

Astronomers and researchers are preparing to observe an impact off the coast of Sri Lanka after a newly discovered piece of space junk, officially named WT1190F... More

Solar Eruptions Can Cause Significant Damage to Unprotected Planets Says Study

Greenbelt, Maryland April 10 (RHC) The natural magnetic bubble surrounding the Earth known as the magnetosphere could be an essential part of what makes our pla... More

The Sun also has Seasons Says New Research

Colorado, U.S. April 10 (RHC) The Sun also experiences variation in its seasons with periods of waxing and waning, over a time period that spans approximately t... More

Spain Could Face 50 Degree Heatwave by 2050

MADRID, April 8 (Xinhua) -- Spain could face heat waves with temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius by the year 2050, according to a report on the effects of ... More

The Marvelous Science of Carlos J. Finlay

A scientific high-point, is the discovery in 1881 by Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Barres (1833-1915) of the metaxenic contagion theory of disease, a finding that was de... More

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