Radio Havana Cuba grants annual prize to Chilean film

Havana, December 13 (RHC)-- Cuba’s only international, short-wave radio station Radio Havana Cuba has granted its Roque Dalton Award to the Chilean film ‘Perro bomba’ by movie maker Juan Cáceres, in the framework of Cuba’s 41st International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema.

‘Perro bomba’, Cáceres’ first film, deals with the ugly reality of immigrants in Chile, the inequality, racism and marginalization they’re subjected to.

Staring Steevens Benjamin, the winner of two Best Actor prizes in the Málaga and Toulouse Film Festivals, the film tells the story of a young Haitian immigrant, who enjoys a comfortable, happy life in Chile. It all changes when he decides to help a fellow countryman, who has just arrived in the South American nation.

The Roque Dalton Award is granted annually to the film that best reflects an aspect of today’s Latin American reality. The prize bears the name of the Salvadorian poet and revolutionary, who worked as a Radio Havana Cuba correspondent in the 1960s.

This year’s prize consists of the metal engraving artwork "De Regreso" by Cuban artist Agustín Bejarano, belonging to the series Rites of Silence or Ritos del Silencio.


Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi


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