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Music From Cuba Banned on Western Markets

The director of the renowned Cuban popular band Los Van Van, Juan Formell, critized the hurdles posed on Cuban music records to enter world marketscontrolled by American companies.

Despite the huge obstacle, Formell is scheduled to be presented on November 21 a Grammy Award for Musical Excellence, which he considers an international
recognition for Cuba and its music.

At a Havana news conference in Havana, Formell noted that an increasing number of Cuban musicians are being nominated to the Grammy awards and other international prizes.

The fact that they are being taken into account, despite strong pressures, is in itself acknowledging their quality and recogning Cuban music, he said.

Other Cuban nominees this year include singer Miriam Ramos for her album "Cuban Song"; as well as the albums “Lets go to the party”, by the Santiaguero Septet, and “Havana already has a song,” by the Ignacio Piñeiro Septet.

The outstanding musician said that eventhough Cuban musicians and their songs are increasingly penetrating the Grammy fortress, Cuban music recorded on the Island is blocked by producers that control the industry and its outlets, such as Billboard, adding that the music from Cuba has overcome those obstacles. Juan Formell recalled that last month he received the Womex Award at the International Music Industry Fair.
Edited by Juan Leandro
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