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Havana Film Festival: Ghost Town to Havana, the Wish for a Shared Future

The story of a baseball game played between US and Cuban children as a symbol of bilateral approach by their two nations is the plot of Ghost Town to Havana, a documentary film by US movie maker Eugene Corr, co-directed by Cuban film maker Roberto Chile, which will be premiered Tuesday, December 10 in Havana.

The Third Order Theater, venue of the renowned “La Colmenita” Cuban children theater company, will be the meeting place for Havana citizens and foreign visitors, who are currently enjoying the offers of the 35th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, underway in the Cuban capital till December 15.

The 92-minute documentary was shot in California, the U.S.A, and also in the Havana municipalities of Centro Habana and Regla from 2007 to 2011.

Speaking about his documentary film, Eugene Corr, with a rich career in the United States as screenwriter, editor and director of films and series, said that today Cubans and Americans get together not as adversaries but as friends who get together to play baseball.

Nine children between 10 and 15 years traveled from California to Cuba for the shooting of the film after requests were made during years with the US Treasury to carry out the project, due to the restrictions imposed by the US economic blockade of Cuba.

Corr said that they faced some problems with the Treasury in their effort to bring the US team to Cuba. He explained that procedures in that regard began under the George Bush administration, which cancelled sports exchange projects between the two countries, and they were resumed after Barack Obama took power.

The project kicked off in 2007 with the shooting in both countries.  While Corr worked in California, Chile would shoot in Havana. Three years later, they brought the kids together in the same baseball field.
Film maker Chile said that the game between the children from the U.S. and Cuba is like a glance into the future, it is what should normally take place for the two nations if peace existed.
Edited by Alberto Chirino
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