Sports News Roundup August 06

Cuban Swimmers Elisbet Gámez and Armando Barrera will complete today their participation at the World Aquatics Championships in Kazan, Russia, in the 100-meter freestyle and 200 backstroke modality, respectively.

Para-Pan Am Toronto 2015

The Cuban delegation to the V Para-Pan American Games Toronto 2015 joyfully celebrated the hoisting of the flag at the sports village, only two days for the officially opening of the continental sports event for the disabled.

Known figures like star sprinter Yunidis Castillo, jumper Luis Felipe Gutierrez or young Haila Alonso, will represent the Caribbean island, said Osvaldo Vento, head of the Cuban delegation.

For his part, Saad Rafi, CEO of the organizing committee, told the Cuban press accredited in Toronto that he acknowledges that each country brings its own flavor and color, but it meant that the Cuban delegation is a special one that provides friendship, fellowship and competitive "...Canadians are very happy and proud to receive them," said the executive.

The sportive fair will be opened tomorrow at the York Stadium and will cover actions in 15 sports until next Saturday 15th.


The same men who won 6 gold and 4 silver medals in the recently concluded 17th Pan-American Games Toronto 2015 will represent Cuba in the coming World Qualifying Boxing Tournament.


Popular Recreation

An extensive cultural program backed by various culinary offers, is getting ready to celebrate the coming days of Carnival 2015 in Havana, one of the most eagerly awaited festivities by residents of the Cuban capital.


Sports Awards and Recognitions

The gold medalists from the recent 17th Pan-American Games Toronto 2015 Julio Cesar La Cruz, Leinier Peró and Jeinkler Aguirre were selected today as the Athletes of July in the province of Camagüey.


Dilma Rousseff: Brazil is fully prepared for 2016 Olympics

We are still one year away, but Brazil’s heart is already beating faster. Brazil's generous heart leaps up when confronted with two of its passions: welcoming people from all over the world and competing with enthusiasm and fair play in a superb sporting performance.

We have seen it happening during the Fifa World Cup. It will be like that again, beginning on August 5, 2016, when we will light the Olympic flame with passion for sport and will hoist the flag bearing the five interlocking rings at the magnificent Maracana stadium.

It is not by chance that Brazil was given the honor of being the first South American country to host the Olympic Games, according to the Brazilian president, adding that Brazil is fully prepared for the upcoming Games. Dilma Rousseff said that in cooperation with the event’s organizers, we will proudly show the world the recent accomplishments of a strong and well-functioning democracy that is committed to reducing social inequalities through economic development and investment. This is the collective effort of an entire country. Our energy to overcome challenges will be demonstrated to all the 15,000 Olympic and Paralympics athletes, the thousands of spectators and the billions of viewers.

Athletes and tourists will be warmly welcomed by the Brazilian society, as happened in the 2014 World Cup, when the country charmed the world with its

festive atmosphere and overall safety and efficiency.

At that time, all those watching our festivities on TV certainly wanted to be here in Brazil. In 2016, do not just long to be in Brazil, come to enjoy, said the Brazilian President.


Edited by Ivan Martínez


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