Cuban agricultural sector works to increase food production amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Cuba's deputy agriculture minister Ydael Perez Brito has said that among the strategies of this sector to ensure food production in the face of the challenge represented by COVID-19 are the strengthening of collection tasks and the increase in planting.

In a message published by the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) on Twitter, Perez Brito stressed it is important to prioritize the planting of short-cycle crops at this time when the spring campaign is starting.

 Along with these crops, it is necessary to continue increasing the production of corn, plantain, yucca and malanga, which will also provide security in the delivery levels, he explained.

Another current priority is to reinforce food collections, which can be achieved by taking into account the organization of the country's cooperatives, Perez Brito added.

MINAG's strategies to guarantee products to the people include preparing a good feeding campaign for the cattle, as well as efficiently organizing the milk harvest, the first deputy minister continued.

We must also focus on beef production and will continue working to achieve stability to increase pork production in the country, Perez Brito concluded.
source: ACN

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi


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