Cuba to Host TURNAT 2015 Nature Tourism Event

The province of Pinar del Rio plans to host the international meeting of nature tourism, TURNAT in 2015.

 The event is scheduled for September next year. The province will introduce the 'Tobacco Route' exploring the distinctive product of the region as the largest producer of leaves and the birthplace of renowned tobacco workers.

 Ivania Diaz, commercial sector specialist, has told Prensa Latina that there will be hikes through the best meadows of Vueltabajo, as this area was once known, and informative interactions with growers in this the new leisure initiative that is linked to centuries of agricultural tradition.

Designed to promote nature, adventure and rural tourism, Turnat 2015 will show the merits of some 40 local attractions, and other national ones, including trails, tours, and horseback riding.

 The Viñales National Park, admired for its Mogotes or Jurassic mountains, currently markets 16 recreational options, including visits to the Palmarito cave system, the largest on the island, and also to the cave of St. Thomas, another huge grotto.

 Both the Viñales valley and the town of the same name, have the status of Cultural Landscape of Humanity, due to the conservation of the practices associated with the cultivation of tobacco.

There will be opportunities to join in the celebration of guateques or rural parties, at which there will be no lack of controversias or friendly arguments among the countryfolks’ repentistas or improvisers.

The poets create their décimas from the “pie forzados” contributed by the audiences. A “pie forzado” is a phrase prompted by anyone present and which the poets/composers must follow in order to create their poem or song on the spot.

 Such Ecotourism, once again according to Ivania Diaz, allows us to appreciate the charms of other areas of Pinar del Rio, such as the protected area of Mil Cumbres, Guabina and Sabanalamar-San Ubaldo reserve, which houses a unique forest on white sand.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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