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Illegal Fares to UK Skyrocket Amid Calais Camp Destruction

Paris, October 28 (RHC)-- Any refugees trying to reach the United Kingdom from the French city of Calais will be forced to pay between $3,000 U$D for North Africans and $12,000 for Syrians, partly as a result of the decision by French authorities to bulldoze the Calais refugee camp on Tuesday. 

Before 2015, the unofficial cost of a ticket to cross the border was estimated to be about $700, according to French paper Le Parisien, but prices have started to rise dramatically in recent months, making it almost impossible for migrants and refugees to cross the border. 

The price spike is reportedly due to increased border security and control and comes as French authorities demolished the camp this week following a decision by French President Francois Hollande in September. 
Because of the increasing difficulties and demand to reach British territory, smugglers have now increased prices to a point that migrants and refugees cannot afford the trip across the English Channel, the body of water that separates southern England from northern France. 

Before it was demolished, 45 buses drove about 1,900 people to migrant centers across France, although about 8,000 migrants and refugees were believed to have been residing in the camp in Calais.  Many migrants and refugees, unable to pay the cost of being smuggled into the U.K. and potential victims of trafficking rings and far-right groups, agreed to leave the camp on Tuesday 
But the United Kingdom remains the most attractive destination for many migrants and refugees stranded in France, partly because they have relatives living in the country while many come from former British colonies and speak English. 

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
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