Jovenel Moise Sworn in as Haiti's New President

Port au Prince, February 8 (RHC)-- Jovenel Moise was sworn in as the 58th president of Haiti on Tuesday, pledging to improve education and quality of life in the impoverished nation.  In his first speech as president, Moise said, "My mission is to build a society, a nation that will make us proud."

The new Haitian president emphasized the reform of schools in order "to train good citizens, people ready to serve their country, people who understand that the country's interest must come before their own interests."

"My mission is to create the conditions for every Haitian to live better," said Moise, who was born to a middle-class family but went on to establish his own businesses, including a banana plantation.

The 48-year-old president, whose five-year term ends in 2022, did not offer any details about how he would go about accomplishing his goals, according to excerpts of his speech published by the daily Haiti Libre, but he has reportedly successfully spearheaded potable-water and clean-energy projects, creating jobs in the process.

Addressing thousands of supporters who gathered outside the presidential headquarters, Moise said his inauguration was a sign of strengthening democracy in a nation roiled by political upheaval.

"The people have been waiting for this inauguration ceremony for more than a year," he noted, thanking the electorate for choosing "democracy instead of anarchy."

Moise initially ran for president in 2015, but the outcome was eventually overruled amid suspicions of fraud.  Elections were then repeatedly postponed, leaving Haiti without a head of state until a new poll was held last November, when Moise was declared the winner.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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