Dozens of Iraqi Civilians Reportedly Killed in Airstrikes Last Week

Baghdad, April 20 (RHC)-- The journalistic monitoring group Airwars says dozens of Iraqi civilians were reportedly killed last week in airstrikes carried out by the U.S.-led coalition or the U.S.-backed Iraqi Air Force.  Much of the bombing occurred in Mosul's Yarmouk neighborhood.  

On April 10, airstrikes there reportedly killed more than 30 civilians, including children.  The following day, as many as 13 civilians were reported killed in airstrikes that destroyed homes in the same neighborhood.  Six more civilians were reportedly killed in airstrikes in Anbar province that same day.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Airwars says as many as 20 civilians reportedly died in multiple U.S.-coalition airstrikes carried out in Raqqa governorate early last week.  On April 10, up to 10 civilians, including at least two children, were killed in a series of alleged U.S.-coalition airstrikes on two separate villages. That same day, local media reported an alleged U.S.-led coalition airstrike killed members of two families, including at least one child, when a home was bombed.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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