Renowned Mexican journalist censored by government returning to radio

Renowned Mexican journalist censored by government returning to radio

Mexico City, Sept 29 (RHC) – Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui is returning to radio after being censored by the Enrique Peña Nieto administration for allegations of presidential corruption. Taken off the air by Peña Nieto three years ago, Aristegui will be back on air beginning October 17.

Aristegui made the announcement during a press conference alongside Jorge Aguirre Abdo, a representative of the station, of the Radio Centro Group, which will air her show.

“We’ve been out of Mexican radio thanks to a censorship attack,” said Aristegui. “This announcement is a step against censorship, is a step toward freedom of speech.”

Aristegui and her team were fired by MVS Radio on March 15, 2015, under pressure from the federal government just days after they revealed an investigation regarding the purchase of a luxury mansion, known as ‘the White House,’ by Peña Nieto’s wife, Angelica Rivera.

Aristegui thanked president-elect Lopez Obrador for his willingness to allow her back on the radio, but said her return had nothing to do with his victory in the presidential elections. An alliance was in the making for her return for a long time, she said--now the circumstances were right,

Peña Nieto is leaving office at the end of November, when Lopez Obrador will step in as the new president of Mexico.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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