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Venezuela announces 30-day power rationing as country is hit by more attacks

Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez

Caracas, April 1 (RHC)-- Vice President of Communications, Tourism and Culture Jorge Rodriguez has reported that Venezuela has been hit with a new wave of synchronized attacks against electrical transmission lines in the country.

 “In an attempt to undermine the tranquility of our people, these two attacks, perpetrated on March 29 and 30, add to the past aggressions, just when the decisive action of the Government and the workers had achieved the restoration of the electric service,” the Venezuelan official said, as sectors of Caracas have reported no electrical service.

 Rodriguez added that the Bolivarian government “will persist with its effort to restore the stability of the electric service. We will achieve the recovery of equipment damaged by the Empire and strengthen our system to make it impregnable.”

 The first sabotage which happened on March 7, when a major cyber attack to the country’s electrical system resulted in a six-day nation-wide blackout, was executed by the United States, the national government reported.  Followed by a second major attack that took place on Monday, March 25, as El Guri Hydroelectric plant was targeted twice on the same day.

 "In the last two years, the Venezuelan fascist opposition has perpetrated more than 250 attacks on the National Electric System," said Rodriguez, adding that such attempts have been foiled by the Venezuelan government on different occasions.

 In related news, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced on Sunday that a new plan would be implemented for one month in order to fight against the electricity war being carried out against the people.

 In a television address, the Venezuelan leader explained: "I have approved a 30-day plan to implement the rational distribution of electricity, which allows balancing the generation process, secure transmission, service and consumption throughout the country."



Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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