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U.S. senator says Washington should bomb Iranian oil refineries 

Right-wing Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  (Photo: AFP)

 Right-wing Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  (Photo: AFP)

Washington, September 14 (RHC)-- Right-wing U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has says Washington should seriously consider bombing Iranian oil refineries if Tehran continues boosting its nuclear enrichment to higher grades.

“It is now time for the U.S. to put on the table an attack on Iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichment,” said the veteran Republican lawmaker from South Carolina on Twitter Saturday.  “Iran will not stop their misbehavior until the consequences become more real, like attacking their refineries, which will break the regime’s back,” added the fervently pro-Israel Senator, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has established himself as a leading detractor against the Islamic Republic.

Back in June, Graham also blurted provocative rhetorical attack against Tehran following Iran’s shot down of a US spy drone that intruded into Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, threatening that the Islamic Republic should prepare for “severe pain.”

It is customary of U.S. lawmakers financed by the powerful pro-Israel lobby groups in the country to harshly criticize Iran or sponsor legislative measures against the Islamic Republic to prove their loyalty to the regime occupying Palestine.

In the aftermath of Iran’s shoot down of the U.S. surveillance drone, U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that he withdrew an order to strike Iran in the last minute citing potential of the resulting loss of lives.  Iranian authorities, however, had warned that any U.S. strike against the country would be severely retaliated.

The warmongering rhetoric by Graham, who is closely allied with Trump, is nothing new.  Last June, he also suggested that the United States should take military action against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro so countries opposing the U.S. would be intimidated and surrender to Washington's demands.

To handle foreign conflicts “we need points on the board,” said Graham during an interview with right-wing broadcaster Fox News, further insisting that Washington needed to resolve its issues with other countries using military force.   "Do what Reagan did in Grenada.  Put military force on the table ... start with your own backyard," he underlined.  

Also in July, the Republican senator even threatened Washington’s Western allies, saying that the U.S. should sanction “to the ground” European countries that continue to trade with Iran under the 2015 nuclear deal and refuse to join America's pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic.

Edited by Ed Newman
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