Bolivian Armed Forces support dialogue to resolve conflict

The armed forces called on their compatriots to stop the violence.  (Photo: APG)

La Paz, November 10 (RHC)-- The Armed Forces of Bolivia (FF.AA.) issued a statement late Saturday stating that the institution will ensure the maintenance of democracy, the unity of the Bolivian people and the integrity of national sovereignty. 

The FF.AA. called on their compatriots to stop the violence and appealed to the rationality of the Bolivian citizens. The institution also urged dialogue over all differences to "ensure the preservation of peace and coexistence between Bolivians."

The statement was released by the commander in-chief, General Williams Kaliman, where he mentioned the violent attitudes that have been seen recently in the country.  "The acts of violence weaken national structures and put both the constitutional order, the stability and tranquility of the State at risk,"  Kaliman said.

Kaliman clarified that the military will not face the people and asked the political authorities to resolve social conflicts in the shortest possible time.  "The current problems generated in the political sphere must be clarified within the framework of the country's most important interests before irreversible situations are reached," he said.

"We ratify that we will never face the People, whom we respect. We will ensure peace and coexistence between brothers and the development of our homeland," the military authority said.

Edited by Ed Newman


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