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U.S. Police ‘Investigate’ Blacks for Saying ‘Hi’

Philadelphia, October 15 (RHC)-- In U.S. city of Philadelphia, reports say that police are threatening Black pedestrians for saying "Hi" to people on the street. Video posted on YouTube shows officers in Philadelphia detaining two African-American men under stop-and-frisk policies just because they said “Hi” to a third man walking down the sidewalk.

The video, titled “Police unlawful harassment and racial profiling,” shows the police pushing an African-American man against their cruiser for a frisk because he apparently said “Hi” to a stranger. “You don't say 'Hi' to strangers,” says one of the officers, while the other policeman adds: “Not in this neighborhood,"

A second African-American man who is recording the incident on his smartphone is then ordered to put his phone in his pocket and get against the officers’ car for a frisk. “You’re under investigation,” the officer says. “Investigation of what? I was just walking.”

At this point, the phone apparently falls on the hood of the car and continues to record. During the video, the man who is recording the incident reveals that he lives in New Jersey and the officers tell him to go back and never come back to Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Daily News published the report, noting that human rights activists are increasingly concerned about discriminatory tactics used by the U.S. police against minorities.

Edited by Juan Leandro
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