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Expert Calls for International Funding to Support Colombia's Peace Talks

Bogotá, November 5 (teleSUR-RHC) -- Peace expert Carlos Medina Gallego called for a common fund to be established among countries in support of Colombia’s peace process, in the wake of offers of assistance from Europe during President Juan Manuel Santos’ visit to the continent.

Welcoming the support talks have received by European heads of state and representatives of the European Union (E.U.), Medina said such a fund “can help the reconstruction in the post-conflict era in many regions, and to benefit a great number of victims in terms of reparations.”

Those words come following the close of the 30th cycle of discussions in Havana between the Colombian government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), during which the fourth of five victims’ groups traveled to Cuba to address the negotiation table.

Meanwhile, Santos continues his tour around Europe, which has seen the E.U. commit to supporting post-conflict agricultural projects, environmental protection and the combating of illicit cultivations.

According to Gallego, that support can be seen as a result of the different perspective European nations have on the conflict, compared to the likes of the United States.

“They view the armed actors in the continent more as political actors,” said Gallego, who is a member of the National University in Bogota team involved in selecting and accompanying the victims’ groups that have taken part in the negotiations.

Gallego says this latest group was particularly important because it gave voice to indigenous groups, the LGBTI community and included a currently imprisoned FARC guerrilla, who spoke via video, to highlight that such armed actors in the conflict become victims when their rights are violated.

The negotiating teams will meet once again on November 18th, with the fifth and final victims’ group set to take part in that 31st round of negotiations.

Edited by Ivan Martínez
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