British Government Policy Blamed for Housing Crisis

London, December 25 (RHC)-- A British university professor and commentator has blamed the government policies for the deepening housing crisis in the country. "The housing policy is part of the problem. The other is the attack on living standards by the removal of benefits. So, for example, when the UK government imposed a benefit cap, families cannot get more than a certain amount per week, whatever their need is," Professor Jonathan Rosenhead told Press TV on Wednesday.

The London-based commentator said that he thinks the root cause of the problem is the 2008 financial crisis and the austerity measures adopted by the British government. He went on to say that the problem was "caused by the greed of the banking and finance sector, which is actually being paid for by the poor in the society."

Rosenhead's comments come against the backdrop of reports suggesting that many Britons are priced out of property ladder as rents soar. He noted that a new survey has revealed that many Britons have to ration their heating and food to cope with rental costs.

The study conducted by the National Housing Federation indicates that over 25 percent of surveyed families economized on their weekly grocery shopping, and almost a quarter suggested they had to cut back on their use of heating. The survey also suggests that Britain's rising rents are making life extremely hard for those who are unable to get on the property ladder.

Britons have faced heavily inflated property prices a result of stricter mortgage lending policies. Britain is faced with the highest number of private tenants since 1974 and rental costs have skyrocketed in recent years due to growing demands.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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