Leaked Document Reveals Plot to Destabilize Venezuelan Goverment

Caracas, November 7 (RHC) -- Meanwhile, leaked documents indicate a plot to destabilize Venezuela and undermine President Nicolas Maduro. The papers appear to substantiate Caracas’ claims of outside attempts to cripple the country through internal sabotage.

Documents obtained by a contributor to Russia Today’s Spanish channel, Eva Golinger, detail a plan to erode the stability of Venezuela with a view to rendering the government of Maduro inefective.

The plans are allegedly the product of FTI Consulting, an American company, and two right-wing Colombian groups. The latter are affiliated with former President Alvaro Uribe in the Colombian city of Cucuta.

The plans are geared towards the municipal elections on December 8th, when the Venezuelan population will choose 335 mayors, 2,435 municipal councilors and local indigenous representatives.

The strategies include creating crisis on the streets by means of violence whenever possible, to facilitate the intervention of North America and NATO forces, power cuts, food shortages and financing of the political opposition.

In October, Maduro expelled three senior U.S. diplomats from Venezuela, alleging they were plotting with the opposition to orchestrate acts of sabotage against the electrical system and Venezuela’s economy.

The U.S. Embassy denied such a plot existed and any “involvement in any type of conspiracy to destabilize the Venezuelan government.”

Edited by Juan Leandro


  • David Wade, Ph.D.'s gravatar
    David Wade, Ph.D.
    07/11/2013 08:41 pm

    The evil Empire has an insatiable appetite for murder and mayhem.

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