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Secret TPP Negotiations Denounced as “Undemocratic” in Peru

Lima, July 1 (teleSUR-RHC)-- A group of Peruvian members of Congress and analysts denounced on Tuesday the secret negotiations of the U.S. led Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty – or TPP – as undemocratic and an attempt by elites to force decisions on Peru.

Along with 11 other countries, Peru has been negotiating TPP in secret, a trade agreement which could become the largest on the planet. Some of the contents of the treaty were leaked and the U.S. Congress gave power to Barack Obama to negotiate the treaty via “fast-track” or without oversight.

Congressman Jaime Delgado is one of those denouncing the secrecy of the treaty. He believes that “what would be the healthiest move under these circumstances is to put all the cards on the table and generate a discussion and in that manner those who are negotiating can get the opinions from all the actors; not only from the benefiting businessmen but also from the sectors of civil society and national businesspeople who could be affected negatively from those types of measures."

Under the agreement, signatories of the TPP could be sued by private companies for not complying with the treaty. Since Peru already has bilateral free trade agreements with most countries included in the TPP, analysts are discussing why the country is further putting its sovereignty at risk and negotiating in secret.

Edited by Ivan Martínez
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