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World Bank Says Climate Change Could Push 100 Million People into Poverty

Washington, December 17 (RHC)-- Climate change could push over tens of millions of more people into poverty by fueling the spread of diseases and disrupting agriculture, according to the World Bank.

In a recent report, the international financial institution said that "without rapid, inclusive and climate-smart development, together with emissions-reductions efforts that protect the poor, there could be more than 100 million additional people in poverty by 2030."

"The poor are more vulnerable to climate-related shocks than wealthier people because they are more exposed, lose more in relative terms, and lack the financial systems and social safety nets that would allow them to better prepare and cope," it added.

The report predicts that 150 million more people could be at risk from different types of deadly diseases, including malaria and bacterial infections adding that global crop losses could reach five percent by 2030 and 30 percent by 2080.

Climate change could lead to even more refugees as the world's poorest would want to seek asylum from crisis in their countries. Governments need to develop policies to respond to the situation, in addition to making more efforts to reduce the carbon emissions that cause warming, the report noted.

"While emissions reduction policies cannot do much regarding the climate change that will happen between now and 2030... development choices can affect what the impact of that climate change will be," the World Bank said.

According to the report, the world needs to find $1 trillion more each year to build the infrastructure to meet international goals of solving the climate change issue.

Edited by Ivan Martínez
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