Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Says His Country Faces Worst Threat in Years

Caracas, May 18 (RHC-teleSUR)-- Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro described his country on Tuesday as being the target of not only a systematic aggression by "‘global imperialist forces," but also of destabilization efforts by the right-wing opposition.

Speaking at a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Maduro said: “We are the victims of political, diplomatic and media aggression, more severe than in recent years.  And while we have been the victims many times, this is by far the worst.”

Maduro slammed several mainstream media outlets for inaccurately representing the current conditions within the country, which he says is an attempt to "foment an environment of conflict among the people."  He argued that the private media in Venezuela and the continent was deliberately publishing misleading news in order to create fear and destabilize his democratically elected government.

During his comments, Maduro announced the launch of “a new counter-offensive” strategy in efforts to combat the aggressions carried out by right-wing forces.  Venezuela's opposition is seeking to recall the leader amid a worsening crisis that includes food and medicine shortages, frequent power cuts, sporadic looting and galloping inflation.

But the former union leader and bus driver has vowed to stick out his term and accuses the United States of fomenting an undercover coup against him.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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