Palestinian President Says Talks with Israel Must Have Deadlines

Cairo, May 30 (RHC)-- The Palestinian president has rejected the idea of open-ended talks with Israel, saying any future negotiations with the regime in Tel Aviv should have a time cap.

Mahmoud Abbas that if an upcoming Paris conference succeeds in re-launching the long-stalled Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, it must include mechanisms for the proper implementation of its potential resolutions.

Abbas, who was speaking to Arab foreign ministers in Cairo, called for a monitoring committee to be formed in the June 3 Paris gathering to oversee the possible agreements in the talks.

The Palestinian leader and allies in the occupied West Bank have welcomed France's initiative to hold an international conference, which aims to kick-start a new round of so-called peace talks between Israel and Palestinians more than two years after the two sides left the negotiating table.

The Tel Aviv regime, has, however, rejected the French initiative, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeating his previous statements about the need for direct negotiations without preconditions which, he says, are the only way to reach a final settlement with the Palestinians.

Israel's continuous defiance of international calls for pulling out of the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem is viewed as a major reason behind the failure of previous initiatives. 

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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