Michel Temer Recognizes Coup in Brazil on his Twitter Account

Interim president of Brazil, Michel Temer

Brasilia, June 22 (RHC)-- The interim president of Brazil, Michel Temer, used his Twitter account to attack President Dilma Rousseff, tweeting that she may be using the presidential plane "to denounce the coup" in the country, and in the process, the 'president' admitted the reality that prevails in Brazil.

In an interview with Globo, Temer said the impeachment of Rousseff would lend legitimacy to his government.  He added that he urgently needs for the impeachment against Rousseff to be implemented so that he can carry out his neo-liberal measures more easily.

Temer also said he does not regret having appointed ministers who had to resign over corruption charges.

The right-wing leader needs two-thirds support in the Senate to dismiss Rousseff, which would set serious precedents in the country and the region, as the president, currently suspended, has committed no crime, while Temer and most of his cabinet are under investigation for their role in the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil's history.

Earlier, new charges against a fourth cabinet minister in Temer’s administration were announced by Rodrigo Janot, general prosecutor of Brazil.

The Minister of Education and Culture, Mendonca Filho, is under investigation for receiving $29,000 U$D illegally to finance his 2014 legislative election.  If convicted, Janot would be forced to resign.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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