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Thousands of Chilean Teachers Protest Education Reform

Santiago de Chile, June 2 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Thousands of Chilean teachers took to the streets on Monday to protest an educational bill currently going through con... More

Boat With More than 450 People Aboard Sinks in China

Beijing, June 2 (RHC)-- A passenger ship with more than 450 people aboard has sunk in the Yangtze River during a cyclone in southern China, state media reports.... More

Fierce Clashes Claim 13 Lives in Northern Afghanistan

Kabul, June 2 (RHC)-- A series of violent clashes between Afghan police and Taliban militants have claimed the lives of at least 13 people in northern Afghanist... More

ISIL Kills 45 Police with Humvee Suicide Attack in Iraq

Baghdad, June 2 (RHC)-- In Iraq, suicide bombers from the self-proclaimed Islamic State rammed Humvees packed with explosives into a police base in Anbar provin... More

German Foreign Minister Calls for Removal of Gaza Blockade

Gaza City, June 2 (RHC)-- German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for the removal of Israel's eight-year-long blockade on the Gaza Strip. Mor... More

France and Germany Want EU Asylum Plan Revised

Berlin, June 2 (RHC)-- Germany and France have called on the European Union to revise its proposed mechanism for admitting asylum seekers, calling for a more ba... More

70 Killed in Nigeria Runaway Fuel Tanker Crash

Abuja, June 2 (RHC)-- A runaway fuel tanker has barreled into a bus station in southeastern Nigeria, causing at least 70 deaths. The truck rammed into 12 buses ... More

U.S. Vows to Continue Pursuing Edward Snowden Despite Backing NSA Reforms

Washington, June 2 (RHC)-- The Barack Obama administration has rejected the possibility of dropping charges against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, despite su... More

U.S. Supreme Court Sides with Muslim Woman Denied Job over Hijab

Washington, June 2 (RHC)-- In a landmark religious discrimination case, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a Muslim woman rejected from a job for wear... More

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Launches Republican Presidential Bid

Washington, June 2 (RHC)-- On the campaign trail in the United States, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has entered the presidential race. Graha... More

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