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Israel Settlements in West Bank Up 70 Percent

Jerusalem, October 18 (RHC)-- A new report says Israeli settlement construction on the Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank has increased by about 70 per... More

Experts Calling for Strikes on Syria Failed to Disclose Ties to Military Industry

Washington, October 18 (RHC)-- The Public Accountability Initiative has revealed many purported experts who made the case for U.S. military strikes on Syria in ... More

Greenwald Leaves Guardian to Embrace "Dream Journalistic Opportunity"

London, October 18 (RHC)-- Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who has broken numerous stories about National Security Agency spying using documents from Edward Sno... More

Venezuela Highlights Successful Efforts Toward Eradication of Poverty

Caracas, October 17 (RHC) – Today, October 17th, when the world commemorates the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Venezuela's relentless effo... More

U.S. Debt Default Averted At Last Minute

Washington, October 17 (RHC)-- The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives approved a bill to fund the government and raise the nation’s debt ceiling. The le... More

Supporters of Argentinean President Stage vigil in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, October 17 (RHC), – A gathering in support of recuperating Argentinean president Crisitna Fernandez was staged Thursday morning in the historic ... More

FAO Recognizes Great Strides in Latin American to End Hunger

Santiago de Chile, October 17 (RHC) -- Latin America has made the most significant progress in the world towards eradicating hunger in the past 20 years, an off... More

Italy Opposes Washington's Blockade of Cuba

Havana, October 17 (RHC)-- Italy is against the U.S. economic, commerical and fiancial blockade of Cuba. According to the Italian Deputy Secretary of Foreign Af... More

U.S. Terror Drone Attack Kills Two in Afghanistan

Islamabad, October 17 (RHC)-- An airstrike carried out by a U.S. assassination drone has killed two people in the province of Nuristan in eastern Afghanistan, w... More

Colombia and Venezuela to Link Oil Pipelines in Border Zone

Bogotá, October 17 (RHC) – Colombia and Venezuela on Wednesday signed an accord to link oil pipelines in an area bordering the countries, Colombia’s Foreig... More

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