Cuban Friendship Institute Marks 53rd Anniversary

Havana, December 31 (RHC)-- The Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) marked its 53rd anniversary on Monday with its long-standing achievement in the promotion and consolidation of international relations, Institute president Kenia Serrano has reported.

In statements to the Cuban news agency, Serrano said that in 2013, friends of Cuba from 72 nations of the world came to the island to do voluntary work, while supportive activities in another 96 countries focused on the demand for the release of the four Cuban antiterrorist fighters still held in US jails.

Over 30 solidarity-with-Cuba conferences were held in Latin America and the Caribbean. That of July, in Venezuela included representatives of 35 countries who paid homage to Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez.

Kenia Serrano pointed to the 24th Pastors for Peace Friend-shipment Caravan to Cuba this year, which brought humanitarian aid for Cuban communities affected by hurricanes and with it activists from the US, Canada and other nations who once again defied the US economic blockade of Cuba and affirmed their support of the island. Other solidarity brigades included the US Venceremos and Puerto Rico’s Juan Rius Rivera.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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