Ecuador Celebrates Fidel Castro's 90th Birthday with Cultural Gala

 Quito, August 6 (RHC-PL) -- People from several Latin American countries shared yesterday in Ecuador a political-cultural gala to celebrate the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Guitar in hand, Bolivia's ambassador to Ecuador, Juan Enrique Jurado, opened the gala with a song that reflects the feeling for the Homeland, and in his country is heard as a hymn, La Patria.

La muralla, La Guantanamera, Hasta siempre Comandante Che Guevara, were some of the songs performed by artists and the audience sang along at the gala held at the Capilla del Hombre, the Chapel of Man.

The president of the National Coordination of Friendship and Solidarity with Cuba, Maria Augusta Calle, stressed the value of the Fidel, not only for the liberation of Cuba but of the Patria Grande, defined as Our Americas.

“His life is a beacon, his word summons, and his work strengthens,” said the assemblywoman in a ceremony attended by the Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Guillaume Long, ambassadors accredited to the South American country and representatives of Cuba's various missions in Ecuador.

Havana's ambassador to Quito, Rafael Dausa, said the army of white coats, as the medical brigade is respectfully called, sent by his country when this nation was hit by a strong earthquake last April, is Fidel work, the work of its people and its Revolution.

Edited by Ed Newman


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