Photo Exhibition Dedicated to Fidel Opens in Havana

Havana, August 3 (RHC)-- The photo exhibition 'Fidel: An Intimate Portrait' was inaugurated earlier this week at Havana’s Casa del Alba Cultural Center.   It features over a dozen photos of Fidel taken by his son, Alex Castro, during meetings Fidel held over the last decade with political leaders, intellectuals and other personalities from Cuba and around the world.

The opening ceremony was attended by Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto. About Fidel, Prieto said: “He (Fidel) is close to us, his honoring his legacy will help us face the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

The list of personalities featured together with Fidel include Bolivarian leader Hugo Chávez, Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, Brazilian Theologian Frei Betto, former presidents Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva and Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Argentina's Cristina Fernández and Bolivia's President Evo Morales.

In presenting the exhibition, Teresa Domínguez, acting president of the National Council of Visual Arts, stressed that the exhibition represents a tribute to Fidel by cultural institutions and the country’s artistic movement, on the occasion of the 91st birthday anniversary.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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