Cuban President Raul Castro Votes in Municipal Elections

President Fidel Castro casts his ballot (screen capture)

Havana, November 26 (RHC)--Cuban president Raul Castro cast his vote early this morning in a polling station in Havana´s Municipality of Playa.

National Television aired the moment he arrived to the polling station before it opened at 7 am. After exercising his right to vote, he exchanged views with electoral authorities and voters who were lining to cast their vote, among them Cuban former baseball star, Omar Linares.

According to the chairperson of the National Electoral Commission, Maria Esther Barroso, voter’s turnout in today´s local elections have been outstanding. Before 9 am over two million people had already exercised their right to vote, a figure that represented 29% of the 8 million registered voters in the islands 15 province and the special municipality of the Isle of Youth. 

Las Tunas, Granma and Pinar del Rio provinces stand out for their voter´s early turn out.By 11 am more than half of the voters had already exercised their democratic right. 

Some 24 thousand polling stations across the nation will remain opened until 6 pm this evening.

In this local elections voters are electing 12 515 delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power Assemblies.

Some of the duties of the newly elected delegates will include to render a periodic account of their performance to their constituents, convey to the Municipal Assemblies and the local administrations the opinions, necessities and difficulties that their electorate experience.

As part of the Assembly member responsibilities, they will also oversee the performance of local entities, and approve the municipal budget

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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