Some 7 million Cubans have participated in consultations on draft Constitution

Homero Acosta

Havana, November 3 (RHC)-- Homero Acosta Álvarez, secretary of the Cuban Council of State, says that more than seven million Cubans have participated so far  in the public consultation process on the draft Constitution that began on August 13.

Speaking Friday evening on the national TV program Hacemos Cuba, Acosta Alvarez stressed that the massive turn out at work and educational centers, in communities and the online feedback received from Cubans residing abroad are a clear example of participatory and effective democracy.

“This massive participation makes this process different and unique in the constitutional history of the country and the world,” he said.

Experts are participating in the tallying of the proposals made by the people for modifications, eliminations or additions to the paragraphs of the draft Constitution, said Homero Acosta.  He noted that there are many suggestions related to marriage equality, the renovation of presidential terms, age requirements for the president, and the role of work in society.

Also among the most controversial paragraphs are those on the right of every person to receive legal assistance to exercise their defense, the one that refers to the right to decent housing, and the paragraph on salary remuneration according to the work that is carried out.

The secretary of the Council of State reiterated that each and every opinion expressed is analyzed, although, logically, not all of them will go to the final text, but those that are considered to bring new ideas, or enrich the text in order to build the society Cubans want.

The consultation process will conclude on November 15, and all the information will be processed and submitted to the parliamentarian commission tasked with the revision of the draft that will be submitted for discussion of the National Parliament in December.

The new draft that comes out of that parliament session will be submitted for the final approval of the Cuban people during a referendum slated to be held in February 2019.





Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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