Cuban foreign minister calls for urgent action to put out fires in Amazon

Bruno Rodriguez Parilla

Havana, August 27 (RHC)-- Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, has called for a full understanding of the magnitude of the disaster underway on the flame-ridden Amazon and urged action accordingly.

The head of Cuban diplomacy said on Twitter that after 20 days, the Amazon is still burning and that the flames are consuming the lungs of the planet, the oxygen of all.

"The consequences will be dire for humanity. The Amazon jungle is everyone's heritage. Let us be aware of the magnitude of the disaster and act accordingly," he wrote.

According to various sources, more than one million indigenous people in the Amazon are endangered by the blaze, as is the rich biodiversity of that region of the planet.

The issue has worried thousands of Brazilians who have spoken out against President Jair Bolsonaro's lack of action on the events.

For its part, the Group of Seven (G7) decided to unblock an emergency aid of 20 million euros for the Amazon, mainly for sending hydroplanes to fight the fires.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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